New Monitor -> Windows Startup not showing anymore  

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    New Monitor -> Windows Startup not showing anymore


    So i got my new Benq 2411z and its really nice, configured everything.

    But my problem is the following:
    The monitor does not show the windows startup anymore, so i cannot see windows loading and cant access bios menu at start.

    Somehow in device manager there is a non-pnp monitor listed which is listed as standard, if i uninstall or deactivate it, it does not affect my problem and its back after restart.

    New Monitor -> Windows Startup not showing anymore-device-manager.jpg

    Furthermore i cant disconnect this non existing monitor via windows control panel.

    New Monitor -> Windows Startup not showing anymore-windows-control-panel.jpg

    I need to set the benq monitor (shown as monitor 2) as main monitor in windows 10 settings, but it does not change anything about my problem with the start up.

    New Monitor -> Windows Startup not showing anymore-windows-10-settings.jpg

    When i start the computer the displays says: "no device found"
    When the computer booted and is finally on desktop it says: "input: dvi" and the desktop shows

    Moreover my CCleaner says i have "microsoft basic display driver", but i have got a gtx980..
    You can see my spec in ccleaner screen

    New Monitor -> Windows Startup not showing anymore-ccleaner.jpg

    Maybe you can help me out..
    Sorry for german system but i guess you can figure it out
    If you need any other information please let me know.

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    So you only actually have the one physical monitor connected right? The old monitor is disconnected right? Also, just the one cable connected to the new monitor?
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    Yes, only the new monitor connected via 1 dvi cable.

    I had my old monitor connected as well before that, just to test how it is with 2 monitors, but didnt suit me.
    I also reconnected my old monitor along with the new one just to check if i could disconnect the non existing monitor then but this didnt work.
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    Make sure all video cables except the one to the new monitor is connected. And only one cable to it. Your screen shots show two monitors being detected. I run triple monitors. My POST and boot screen only ever show on one particular monitor, regardless or which one is set as the main monitor. The logon screen etc shows on the one set as main. It looks like your video card thinks your still running two monitors. If there is a DVI to VGA adapter connected that is not in use, remove it.
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    The old monitor was connected via HDMI-mini adapter to my graphic card, but its all disconnected.
    Only the dvi cable is plugged in.
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    Ok, hmm. You could delete/uninstall the second monitor from device manager. I think you already did that though? Other options are to uninstall/delete the graphics card in device manager. then reboot and let it install again. or uninstall and reinstall your graphics drivers.
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    If you mean the non existant monitor with second monitor, yes i tried to uninstall deactivate it but it came back after reboot.
    Could it really be the graphic card drivers? But never mind i think ill try it tommorow, theres not much option for me left i guess.
    Thanks for your help for now, ill report if it worked to remove graphic card / uninstall drivers + reinstall.
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    It's what I would do if it was me. That's all I can tell you. I run triple monitors on my main desktop and dual on my laptop. Might I ask why you decided not to run dual monitors? Lack of space maybe? Once they try two monitors most people don't go back to just one.
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    Because i mostly play games like csgo, but the problem is when youre ingame and running fullscreen and you use the other monitor the game minimizes on the main screen, and i didnt want to always maximize the game again.
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    Ah, try this, press the Windows logo key and the P key, + P, and select PC Screen Only. Then launch your game. When done gaming press + P again and select Extend. The monitor you have set as main is the one that stays active on PC Screen Only. I have shortcuts on my taskbar and Start Menu to do it all with one click.

    EDIT: I only ever game on my one main monitor, for the very reasons you state. I don't want my game minimizing at the wrong moment. I also don't do anything else when gaming, thus I have no need for the extra monitors then.
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