The most ridiculous Windows after WinME and Vista

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    Mate, it is starting to sound like you wont change your opinion (which is actually just fine, people like different things). You can go back to your old OS and leave Win 10 if you'd like, no sweat. But if you have specific questions or need help with 10, just ask! We'd love to help.

    Arguing about where some setting is now because it was moved in the new OS isn't going anywhere
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    yes boozad as I've mentioned in my first post, changing the background for muliple monitors as I showed in my screenshot.

    Anyway, that wasn't only my point, my point is that Windows must get better but instead in every version it's going back a step back.

    I noticed that all people with tabs and portablr devices are happy with it. but Windows should be mainly a professional version.

    Boozad said:
    You said 'changing desktop background simply' is missing in Windows 10, and in the GUI. It's not.
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    larc919 said:
    If Microsoft never did anything wrong, they wouldn't need to issue so many updates. The limited problems I have with 10 are essentially the same on 3 boxes and a laptop, with different hardware and mostly different software.
    All software has flaws, please list all of the known Bug Free OS's out there?
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    All my devices, are desktop pc's only. Windows is a new OS and every new OS has bugs, takes time to fix these bugs, just like in the past Microsoft OS's. I'm sure as time goes by, and Microsoft releases more updates, things will improve. This has been true with all past releases, Windows 10 is no different. If you don't want to wait, then go back to your previous OS and when Windows 10 finally meets your standards ...... IF it ever does, then re-install Windows 10 at that point.
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    KasperKyd said:
    Who Agrees that this Windows is the worst upgrade since Windows 7?

    I can't stop facing issues with this Windows 10, it's another WinME or Vista.

    First of all I have one of those super freaky PCs which I even sold my shoes for it. But with Windows 10 it makes it act like a normal PC

    1- Performance is -1/10 , not snappy, login takes time, unlocking takes time, and all what Microsoft Engineers can say is check your drivers. (We are not stupid to wait you for such a silly suggestion, better you go and fix your issues)

    2- Multiple monitor wallpapers is not there anymore in GUI but you can reach it with a command!!!! Were you sleeping when you missed it? or taking your lunch!!

    3- You set an option and sometimes it doesn't take effect till you restart, I just took off the option for my monitors not to sleep (Never), and they still sleep till I did a restart.

    I can't remember all the issues, but all I can say that Microsoft it's time to take your customers more seriously, and it's time to change your ICDL engineers to make a better stable system. I swear if I don't play games and in need of Windows I would take it off long time.
    To the OP: I'm not going to waste my time reading all the replies to your assertions (forgive me if I'm repetitous) but:
    -- Your point 1: Your experience indicates an possible (if not probable) issue with your installation, most likely drivers. So what Microsoft is telling you is the first action to good troubleshooting. A further troubleshooting would be to check which programs are running in the background and disable those which are not necessary, especially those which interfere with Windows functions (e.g. multiple antivirus programs, etc.). Since the majority of users are not reporting the specific issues listed in this point -- and my experience is the opposite in that Windows 10 runs much faster than prior versions -- I find it difficult to conclude that the Microsoft suggestion -- or others you probably are receiving in this forum -- are stupid.
    -- Your Point 2: And this is important why/critical? Why?
    -- Your Point 3: And doing a restart for certain setting changes to take effect is an issue? Why?
    Windows 10 was extensively tested with the assistance of millions of early adopters via the Insider program. They definitely listened based on the feature set stability that most experience.
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    KasperKyd said:
    Anyway, you're talking about themes here (which is downloaded and I don't have it), but I'm talking about changing Desktop background simply as in previous Windows which is missing here in 10.
    Shawn has a tutorial on How to Create a 'Desktop Background' Shortcut in Windows 10
    But then I realized the Slideshow is actually a better option.
    Last edited by dogpark; 09 Oct 2015 at 23:37. Reason: less info
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    KasperKyd said:
    Personalisation seems as a bug for me too Loooool
    Anyway, you're talking about themes here (which is downloaded and I don't have it), but I'm talking about changing Desktop background simply as in previous Windows which is missing here in 10.. It's not removed in 10 because you can reach it still with "control /name Microsoft.Personalization /page pageWallpaper" command but it's missing in GUI. Copy and paste that in RUN and I'm pretty sure you will know what I'm talking about exactly
    Personally I think you are just moaning to see how long you can stretch this thread out, I for one wont help you troll the forums.
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    Zero problems with Windows 10 on any of the machines in my neck of the woods. Hmm, new user profile, less than 25 posts. Yep, it is just someone wanting to stir the pot.
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    Regarding Settings > Personalization > Themes, are you using Windows 10? please go and try to find it :)
    Easy enough to find took me half a second.
    Also 10 is the best one I have ever used.
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    Typical case of blaming others for own shortcomings. If one doesn't have enough knowledge about something, shouldn't mess with it.
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