Windows 10: How many computers does the average individual own?

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  1.    08 Oct 2015 #21

    fredc said: View Post
    How many currently please
    Read post #8, please.
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       08 Oct 2015 #22

    NavyLCDR said: View Post
    Read post #8, please.
    Missed it , thanks
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  3.    08 Oct 2015 #23

    Three Computers.

    One is my main computer running Windows 10 and Ubuntu.Second one is the old computer that i still use running windows 10 insider and Debian.
    And last one is my laptop,that i only use when i travel running Windows 7
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       08 Oct 2015 #24

    2 computers.
    I tower PC and a cheap netbook for school use.
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  5.    08 Oct 2015 #25

    Three desktops (2 running Win 10 and 1 running Win 7) and a laptop running Win 10.
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       08 Oct 2015 #26

    fredc said: View Post
    I would consider an Overclocking site or a PC building and hardware site as an enthusiast's forum , to me this is just a Windows help forum just like the Windows 7 and 8 forums that most average computer users go to find help with issues.
    Except there's a lot of members here who were here when it was Nineforums (I joined 01/01/2014), so there was no Windows 10 operating system to help with! We were enthusiasts then, and generally are still in that category.

    I note that you, Fredc, joined August 12th 2015, after the huge upsurge of membership around the Windows 10 RTM date, a fortnight earlier, and as such are perhaps one of the members who found this forum after you found Windows 10 on your PC, so I can understand how your point of view varies from mine.

    Still it's an interesting thread, thanks for starting it.
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       08 Oct 2015 #27

    I have 7 at the moment.

    I had a Commodore 128, the whole setup, and I know I saved it... but somehow it got lost, or I would still have that as well.

    I have a Compaq Portable Plus "luggable" 8086, an AMD Phenom II desktop, two Intel i5-2500K desktops (Asus P8P67 Pro & P8P67 Deluxe motherboards), plus a Compaq Presario 1216us laptop (Duron 900mhz), a Compaq Presario M2000z laptop (Turion 2.0 ghz, upgraded), and an Asus F8Sp laptop (Core 2 Duo 2.0ghz).

    The P8P67 Deluxe PC and the F8Sp laptop are the ones in current use. The former is the one I describe in my system specs for this forum, and I am using it now to write this.

    Lately, I've become interested in the plucky little laptop again. It holds its own for a 6 year old machine! I just got done upgrading its Win XP to Windows 7 (x86), and I added another gb of DDR2 to bring the total up to 4. I knew it would not recognize all of it, being 32 bit, but I thought I'd at least get another 500mb out of it. Nope! Unchanged. The system reserved stuff uses just over a gigabyte.

    That really annoyed me. I've had a bunch of 32 bit installs before, but I've always gotten ~3.5 gb out of them when 4 gb are installed.

    So, having JUST finished the install (with everything working... wireless button, fingerprint reader, all of it) and all of my data moved over (but with Windows not activated yet), I did it all over in x64, to see if I got any more out of it (given that x64 is supposed to use more RAM, possibly offsetting the extra GB it would recognize). After I got it all set up, the results were-- right after a boot, after everything stabilizes, the 32 bit version showed 1900mb free in task manager. The 64 bit came in at 2500mb. Thus, I kept the x64.

    And now that I did that, I want more RAM for it! I would have it already if DDR2 4gb SoDIMMS didn't cost a small fortune... and I am also looking at a CPU upgrade...

    Anyway, I've gone off-topic there, so I will give it a rest now.
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  8.    08 Oct 2015 #28

    I have pared down greatly over the years, I do most things on VMs these days.

    I have a desktop (win7), but I dont use it anymore really.

    I have a file and print server.

    Wife has a windows 8 laptop.

    Kids have a windows 8 laptop.

    I have a MacBook Pro that I use now.

    I have a laptop and 3 desktops at work.
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  9.    08 Oct 2015 #29

    I have 3 computers that work, plus a few that don't, plus a few virtual machines.

    While the results here are interesting they do not represent the typical computer user. The members of this forum fall into 3 main categories:

    People who simply come here for help. By far the largest group.

    Of course there is considerable overlap. The latter would most closely represent the typical user but even that is questionable. Few in this group would even see this thread and even fewer would reply.
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  10.    08 Oct 2015 #30

    Whats your definition of a computer? Anything with a chip?
    1 PC, 2 Laptops, 1 tablet, 3 smart phones
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