I installed W10 pro on my Dell XPS 15 a few days ago and everything is running well with one annoying exception.

When booting up I get the following:

c;\users\peter\AppData\Local\VirtualLogo\Bin\VirtualLogo.dll The specific module could not be found.

I disabled all the startup programs but this message still pops up.

I used Regedit on the registry and deleted the only reference to this DLL. The message still pops up.

I looked in the old Windows 8.1 directories and there is no "Virtual Logo" directory in the AppData directory for Windows 8.

I have concluded the W10 install created this call on the VirtualLogo directory, but have no idea how to get rid of it.

This is not a biggie for me as the system seems to be running fine, but I'd love to get rid of this annoying message upon startup.

Any help greatly appreciated.