I am posting this here under General Discussion since it is so spooky as to almost be a Twilight Zone thing.

We have a 3-computer local/home network with all dynamic data stored on a network drive. We use File Explorer frequently. Six or seven times since upgrading to W10, folders have gone missing. After each event, I have caught/found the missing folders in other locations in the directory tree. The network has not changed since 2008 and the problem never occurred with WXP, Vista, or W7, all using Windows Explorer, of course.

I have been blaming my wife for sloppy mouse-work (ya gotta blame someone) but she obviously hadn't done this kind of thing for 7 years. Last night I looked in a sub-folder for a particular file. Ten minutes later, I looked for it again and the folder was missing. I did a search and it was now located as a sub-folder in another sub-folder. They have never been gone, only moved in the tree.

I sure would like to know if anyone else has experienced this.

(I did a search for File Explorer but there are so many pages of hits I just caved and did this post. The hits for "missing folders", "folders moved", etc., produced nothing similar. Please let me know if there is a relevant thread that I have just missed.)