Noticed in Windows 10 that when I install different products from the same developer they all end up under the "root" developer folder rather than in sub-groups lacking a better word for it but hope you still understand what I mean.

I have lots of airport scenery products installed from a company called Aerosoft and in Windows 7 I had a group called Aerosoft under the Start menu and then when I installed airport scenery products for lets say Stockholm and Oslo I got two new sub-groups under the already existing Aerosoft group called Stockholm and Oslo in this example. These sub-groups in turn contains a number of items such as links to documentation and charts over the airport and in some cases a config tool and so on.

However in Windows 10 I only have the Aerosoft group and when I install new products made by Aerosoft they all end up as mentioned already directly under the Aerosoft group and no sub-groups are created. The result is after installing a number of products from Aerosoft I have a total mess of items under the Aerosoft group and it's hard to know which item/link belongs to which product.

Since I didn't have this issue in Windows 7 when installing the same products it must be a Windows 10 issue so now I'm wondering if someone in here knows how to fix this if it's even possible. Or maybe the only solution is for the developer to write installation programs that are fully Windows 10 compatible?

Was hoping maybe there's a Start menu setting somewhere I missed that could sort this.

Anyone who knows?