Windows 10: Question? Have you installed Win 10 and use it everyday?

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  1.    12 Oct 2014 #21

    MikeHawthorne said: View Post

    I've been using Windows 10 Technical Preview since the hour after it became available.
    I'm running it dual boot with Windows 8, but I haven't gone back to 8 since I started using it.

    Works great so far, I have almost all of the software that I have installed in 8 running in 10.
    Some software, and all of my games ran without being reinstalled all I had to do was create a link in 10.

    I'm creating a system backup every other day so if things go wonky, I can get it backup and running in a few minutes.

    So far I've restored it twice, once to clear out a software install that went bad, and once because installing Windows Media Center messed up my sound. It did the same thing in Windows 8.1.

    Other then that it's working great, and I plan on using it exclusively until it goes live and then I'll make the swithch and dump 8 altogether.

    When you say restored, do you mean a full restore off a boot disk or just restoring within the OS.
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  2.    12 Oct 2014 #22

    MikeHawthorne said: View Post
    Hi again.

    Here's my desktop...

    Boy thats a tiny mono desktop, I love that Aero look.
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       12 Oct 2014 #23

    MikeHawthorne said: View Post
    Hi again.

    Here's my desktop...

    That is a real plain desktop LOL
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  4.    12 Oct 2014 #24

    So far I love 10, its working pretty well for an Alpha, but then again its based on 8.1, all MS has to do is get the Bugs out, add some features most of us want and out to retail. Forget 8.......... 10 is where its at.

    As far as my original Post, I stopped by an old windows site ( Neo.. something LOL ) and I soon found out the testers are not there. I have not looked back.
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       12 Oct 2014 #25

    jadinolf said: View Post
    I have never even seen eight but I sure like ten.:)
    You have not missed anything, 8 is garbage
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       12 Oct 2014 #26

    MikeHawthorne said: View Post
    Hi again.

    Here's my desktop...

    Mike, maybe you should read this.
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       12 Oct 2014 #27

    Some people think that the only way to test an OS is to overwrite your existing one. Fail.

    I do use Win 10 as my everyday OS. But if my wife needs to do banking, I just restart my PC and boot up on another SSD to use Win 7. I don't understand and trust how personal data is being collected and handled by MS on Win 10 right now. Just being careful.
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  •    13 Oct 2014 #28

    Hi there.

    Anybody who uses a Technical preview as a "Production" computer - either doesn't really NEED a computer or perhaps they should go and join the I.T depts. of either those Banks that seem to have their ATM's out of service because of releasing untested software into production or get a job at one of those Governmental I.T projects where several BILLION dollars of hard earned taxpayers money are spent and totally wasted as the system is abandoned part way through.

    I'm all in favour of TESTING machines - or even PARALLEL running stuff - sooner or later a cutover from one system to the other will be done but to use "in your day job" an untried OS which expires in April seems to me the height of idiocy.

    For starters one doesn't know what security flaws are in it or what data is being collected and sent to who knows where. I have NO problems with Ms wanting to gather as much info as possible about the performance scenarios of their OS, what hardware it's running on, what problems are encountered etc. But I CERTAINLY DO NOT want things like Bank details etc being collected - even if Ms is doing this by accident.

    Having adequate backup should be a given anyway whatever OS is being used - but there's a HUGE difference in a home user restoring a few GB of data to a major Bank having to switch systems and possibly recover several PB of data. (Peta bytes -- 1PB - 1000 X 1 TB).

    Enjoy testing - but as a production OS -- not yet. !!!!

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  •    13 Oct 2014 #29

    BillyBob said: View Post
    What sort of note was it, was it praising Windows 10, or disliking 8.
    it was disliking 10
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  •    13 Oct 2014 #30

    I use it in dual boot and VM but for testing ONLY. It's not because it breaks down or has bad flows but because my main system is too important to run only an untested OS and without knowing what new and untested feature will be implemented that may break up my setup. The one in VM is set to work same as 8.1 (no Start Menu) and of course does not have many programs and specially no games because of problems with resolutions that come from inability to install proper drivers.
    Full instal is on a HDD instead of SSD and because of that is slower than 8.1. Also waiting for new GPU to arrive so I can test some games. Right now it's an ancient HD2400 which is noticeably slower than HD3850 I had till couple days ago.
    There are just too many features coming to 10 for which we have no idea how will they be implemented and what influence it will have to OS, to be able to use it as full time OS. It might feel just fine now but what is the future going to look like ?
    There are also concerns jimbo has, which are nothing to be dismissed lightly. Privacy and safety are big concern nowadays and should be taken seriously. Being behind computer, screen and internet is not an isolation from problems, quite an opposite, it's a conduit to increasingly cruel and dangerous world.
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