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  1.    26 Sep 2015 #1

    shutting down system

    For some reason my system will not shut down and turn off completely under windows 10; only my monitor will go into power save mode but my system itself will just restart. Is this because I have a board that is not windows 10 compatible and the fact that its using just very generic hardware drivers to get the hardware on my board to work under windows 10? because under windows 7; the shutdown process worked just fine and the system shut off as I instructed it to; however now under windows 10; it just restarts the system and doesnt shut the system down completely. In order to shut it down completely I have to manually power it off. What can anyone make of this? Does this mean I need to get a new board that is windows 10 compatible?
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       27 Sep 2015 #2

    The options for settings as far as what Windows will do when hitting the power button as well as Sleep, Hibernation, Always on are set by selecting a power plan or creating a new custom plan the same as you would have done so in 7. But now you have a new look for the Start>Settings no longer off to one side that now sees tile in 10 but when selecting Start>Settings, System, Display, Notifications, Apps, power,

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Power Plan Settings 1.jpg 
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    and then going into the "Advanced settings" to see the all too familiar Control Panel>Power&Settings screen come up

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    you then select the plan and use the "change plan settings" link to open the next smaller pop up screen to tweak things there.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    And while it takes a few more steps then simply going into the Control Panel directly you will end up where you need to be.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If everything is working normally once you have changed whichever settings you want to see either the plan selected or have more or less created the custom plan once having selected one of the plan options and have saved the changes the system should simply shut completely off just by hitting the power button for a few seconds only if not using the right click option on the menu that comes up from a right on the Start>Power item.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I still keep 7 running here especially on the second remote desktop where you can set the shutdown button on 7 to restart, sleep, or logoff in the Start menu properties compared to now only seeing those two options! The alternative of course is to right click on the Start button's Right Click menu options found there next to the bottom not at the bottom where they should be of course!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    But you have to remember that 10 is no longer "Just a Desltop" OS but a dual platform with Mobile, Tablet, and quite a bit more touchscreen support now seen then 7 saw. That had been another plus for 7 over XP and Vista seen in the previous version there as touchscreen was rather new at the time while not actually brand new technology but new for home pc!
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  3.    27 Sep 2015 #3

    Well I know about all of the above; but what I need to know is why my system does not shut down completely under windows 10. Is it because my system board is not windows 10 compatible and is just using generic drivers or what?
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  4.    27 Sep 2015 #4

    Very likely that is the case. But you need to explain what not shutting down completely means. Does it turn off, and start up again? Or does it freeze? Any errors? Does it restart instead of shutting down?

    Night Hawk was just offering a solution to what seemed like what the computer was having issues with. Just need a bit more info is all.
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  5.    27 Sep 2015 #5

    well what i mean is; when i was running windows 7; normally; when you told the system to shut down completely; it would do just that. It would power down completely and shut the system off which is what I wanted it to do. However; now; under windows 10; it doesnt do this; instead it appears it just restarts and in order to power off completely I have to manually hold the power button. I know its not the windows settings for a fact because those have been set to my specs. and no; there are no errors or anything of the sort.
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    You would have known immediately if the system wasn't compatible. When the 10 installer first connects it retrieves information from a data base regarding the hardwares it detects on the system and then proceeds to download and install the correct drivers for the most part. Unlike 7 where you had to wait until the installation was finished before installing driver sets and apps for each hardware starting off typically with the main board for the chipset, sata and memory controllers, onboard video and sound when needed, etc. 10 has been automated in that area.

    Now if you are still running the upgrade install that went on over 7 it's most likely the main reason you are running into this type of problem. With a pair of desktops and a laptop with a few more of each coming sooner or later I was averaging 1 out of 3 good upgrades! The first was royal mess! due to having left a pair of storage drives plugged which not only prevented a complete upgrade install but left clutter on different drives! Buggy was the end result where I went with second upgrade to repair the first during the first week 10 was out before seeing the clean install rather Much Needed Clean Install take place.

    In your situation you have apparently been running the upgrade a bit longer and only now are seeing the bugs appear! The screens there can walk your through making a few changes to first save them, restart the system to put them into effect, and then go back and see what happens when you switch them back as a sort of a wake up call to Windows before the need comes up for either a repair install or clean install being suggested.

    Sometimes the bugs have other causes other then a flaky upgrade such as disk errors and system files that go to sleep and simply don't wake up again! That's where the Disk Check and System File Checker tools can come in handy before assuming the worst. By simply right clicking the C drive's icon and opening up the Tools tab on the properties screen you click on "Error checking" to get that going or scheduled for the next restart and simply allow it to run. For the SFC tool open a command prompt and type in "sfc /scannow" and just in case you are prompted may want the 10 media plugged in.

    The typical problem seen with upgrades besides bringing in problems undetected at times from a previous version will be not seeing everything go on as fully as it should. Whether immediate or delayed you eventually start experiencing unknowns! In some cases a workaround can be found to fix things while other times it takes a long breath to take the plunge and see everything put on fresh from scratch! 3 out of the 3 clean installs one being on the laptop following the subsequent drive are all running smoothly so far compared to the upgrade issues.
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  7.    28 Sep 2015 #7

    I still have a suspicion that it could very well be my board that is not fully w10 compatible that could be the culprit here as Im pretty sure my current one is just using generic drivers which may be the reason for it not shutting down completely.
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       29 Sep 2015 #8

    Nothing can be ruled out if the Netbook type of tablet you have there was strictly geared around 8 or 8.1 and specific models tend to be limited to specific OSs at times including different versions of Windows! Why do you think Surface 3 not 1 or 2 is out now seeing 10 not 8 or 8.1? Each model series intentionally wrapped around one specific version.

    Now for an OEM desktop or laptop it comes down to what support the OEM has to offer for each newer version as far as specific models go since they tend drop one model or model series fast at times which can leave you hanging when wanting to go newer with the OS and no support is seen!

    The boards on both desktops here are each about 5+yrs. old going by the AM3 socket type and 10 easily found and installed the correct drivers for each board as well as the video cards in use and the Creative card on the main build while I sill had to go manually for the EAX and mixer app. Couldn't find the Creative Audio Launcher however since that previously been available for 7 but no longer seen not even for 8 or 8.1.

    With a constant restart loop that had been one issue I haven't heard too much since the XP days when either a driver set or Windows update would hang during the install and leave Windows in an endless loop of restarts! You may have to boot up in Safe Mode and look at the latest in the updates history and knocking out one or two there since those will only show again in the next search anyways to see if the problem clears up.

    I was at the Asus support site if this is the same model as you have in your system specs the support site's downloads stop at 8.1 and may see 10 eventually show up but a bit doubtful. P8P67 EVO | Motherboards | ASUS Global

    I went right to the Driver & Tools section when arriving there following a Bing on your model board. Don't feel bad the last update for the Gigabyte board here was seen in 2012! Yet 10 is on and running well so something is working right.

    I suspect 10 simply went with the 8.1 driver set when automatically detecting the make and model to download direct from the Asus support site or from the MS archives since you can be sure MS already has all that stashed away. The other problem since one version's drivers can also be known to work on the next version to come along is simply due to the upgrade if you still have that on being buggy and need a clean install or something didn't go well with the first clean install of 10.

    So far between the two desktops and a laptop the second desktop was the one to see the one and only upgrade still replaced later by clean installs however to be totally bug free well at least for the one day that was on until getting the clean installs taken care of and the image of 7 restored to the second drive(previously primary storage drive replaced on the main build Sata 3 on a Sata II board no less yet working!) added in after a nuke of the smaller 500gb OS drive on the single drive case used mostly for trying things out.

    One big lesson learned a long time ago was be prepared to wipe a drive and start fresh a few times whenever a newer version comes along! Had to do it a few times as I recall when moving out of 3.1 to 95 even! 95 ot 98SE was fun! And then you had XP for the longest nightmare always tripping up somewhere! Grrrrrrr....!!! I think for a good deal of us 7 was the champ seeing far fewer headaches from the start but is now having a 6yr, old birthday on Oct. 22! It's getting on in years while I still intend to keep it going despite what each newer version offers.
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       29 Sep 2015 #9

    If you have fast startup enabled, turn it off and see if that makes a difference.
    Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

    I have to turn it off as it causes problems for me with a multi-boot PC.
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       29 Sep 2015 #10

    I have it checked off for on here and dual boot 7 with 10 without any problems. Are you running all three on the same drive or splitting things up across tow or three separate drives?

    Briefly I had 10 on with 7 on the second desktop here but still had to see the 7 to 10 upgrade take place leaving it with a pair of 10s on the same drive until both were activated and nuked the upgrade's primary moving the fresh second primary forward and seeing that expanded. The problem for the OP however will now be deciding on whether or not the present 10 install is becoming too much of a problem and needs to be replaced since it sounds like something got pooched during the first install.
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