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       27 Sep 2015 #51

    Jimbo, I don't know how you did that, but thank you.
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    well, everything has two sides. Just look to the bright side.
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  3.    27 Sep 2015 #53

    Windows10 has not been a big annoyance for me. I've turned off a lot of features, to make it more like Windows7. There are good "tweaking" tips in this forum. What concerns me a little is that Windows10 updates will reset a lot of settings back to "Microsoft Default" as these various updates arrive. There's no detailed change or update log, so there won't be a way to know in advance what Microsoft is about to do to your P.C..

    On my Android Samsung, "Google Now" updates always turns on everything I've turned off. But those are just a few settings compared to what Microsoft could do in resetting Windows10 back to it's default installed state.
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  4.    27 Sep 2015 #54

    The problem with Windows is that people have a lot of different computers.

    If Microsoft could tell everyone that you can only run Windows on a specific computer and only run what we will let you run, (think Apple) then no one would have any problems.

    Other then issues with my Sound Blaster card everything runs great on my computer.
    I've never had a blue screen with Windows 10, my computer boots in about 15 seconds, and even my old games from the 90s seem to run fine.

    I can get all kinds of free software, I don't pay for my security software and I haven't had any malware in ages other then the usual adware junk.

    But Windows has to run on every computer configuration from, monster gaming machines to some Frankenstein put together from salvaged parts of 4 different old computers.

    I was posting with someone on another forum that had an endless list of problems.
    When I suggested that it may be a problem with their computer they wouldn't consider that, it had to be something wrong with Windows, even though my computer runs fine.

    It' human nature, everyone whats to complain about something.

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  5.    28 Sep 2015 #55

    The Pool Man said: View Post
    A few problems there.

    1. You must already have the Mac you want. If you don't have a 15 inch portable, you'd have to spend $1999. But then --
    2. -- you'd also have to buy a copy of Windows 10.

    So that's like $2140 to 'solve' a problem I solved for $799 with fairly similar spec.
    Hi there
    I wasn't referring as to the financial sensibility of the deal -- most Mac buyers are quite prepared to spend a lot of money anyway -- but the technical feasibility of running Windows as a VM even in a corporate area.

    Most people running Windows in a corporate area will have a Windows license so the question of them paying for it individually does not arise.

    While you can obviously get incredibly good deals on PC's this would mean a Mac user having to carry TWO laptops --not a popular option.

    BTW I don't have a Mac computer myself - I was just mentioning that in quite a few assignments I've done where the main desktop was Windows a lot of people were running Windows VM's successfully from their Mac computers.

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    All kinds
       28 Sep 2015 #56

    Anybody noticing a non-Mac PC in a movie or TV series ?
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  7.    28 Sep 2015 #57

    CountMike said: View Post
    Anybody noticing a non-Mac PC in a movie or TV series ?
    "Mr Robot"? That is a pretty good show.
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  8.    28 Sep 2015 #58

    Emma said: View Post
    I would not use a Mac, I would give up using a computer if I had to buy that. I could not buy books --
    We of course all have anecdotal nightmare stories within every OS. Not everything works within every OS. But book buying issues isn't a standard problem in OS X. It's the standard problems that make or break an OS.

    In OS X -- you simply need a LOT of RAM. True for all users. 4GBs barely makes it, 8 is solid. (In Win and Linux four is plenty in most scenarios.)

    In Win 10, good luck getting SMS text messages to arrive on your PC in case your phone is downstairs. Or you like responding to texts with a real keyboard. (Standard in OS X, unavailable in Linux.)

    In Linux -- the next best 'real' desktop is always coming. It never frickin' arrives. (I think Win10 is the first acceptable Windows OS ever, and that it's 'fix' is always coming. Winfans would likely see that as kind of harsh and instead argue an acceptable Windows OS comes BUT THEN goes... and comes back... and goes again.)

    As much as I prefer OS X in most scenarios I wouldn't advise anyone buy a Mac at the moment. It's because their hardware has gone from mildly/fairly over priced (in general) to fairly/obscenely over-priced (in general). As a Mac first person I'm all for Win 10s forcing Mac hardware prices down a bit. Or really forcing Apple to ease up on spec (sometimes) and drop prices accordingly.
    Last edited by The Pool Man; 29 Sep 2015 at 15:45.
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    The Pool Man said: View Post
    In Win 10, good luck getting SMS text messages to arrive on your PC in case your phone is downstairs. Or you like responding to texts with a real typewriter. (Standard in OS X, unavailable in Linux.)
    Is that for SMS messages or Apples Messenger service that takes over texts?
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    Mystere said: View Post
    The "Desktop" version of Windows has reached its zenith. Very little new development is happening in Desktop land, and almost all development is happening in WinRT land. When's the last time you saw a "new" Windows desktop app?
    Well, all those Modern 'apps' now run in windows on the Desktop...
    And the Skype app didn't work out too well!
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