Ok first of all my pc is originally windows 7 then 8.1 then 10 pro. I upgraded a day after the release.

Ever since the day of the release I have been having issues with a black flashing screen every once in a while sometimes a few times a day.

I will play a video on vlc media player or I will be watching a video online and all of a sudden the TV will flash a few time or it will just go black for like a minute.. And then it will come back to where it was.

And when I say TV I mean TV not a actual monitor. I have a 32" Emerson TV with 3 HDMI ports or hook ups. And I also have a VGA port as well. But I currently don't have a VGA Cord so I use my HDMI.

My pc also came with the HDMI it was not put in the pc but built in when I purchased it.

So I have not ad this problem before. And I read online at microsoft support forum that virus scanners can mess with the pc and make it flash. So I was told also by chatting with a support agent to remove all of the virus scanners that I had. And I did so I removed AVG as well as norton. I also read to remove the icloud but I could not find I cloud in the add/remove programs in the control panel and there was something else I was to stop running or remove and I did not have that ether.

So I remove my virus scanners. Plus I rolled back the drivers for my video card which I was also told to do by the support agent I was chatting with.

So now I don't know what to do.

Plus I also switched the port from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 and there's still no difference.

Plus when it flashes off and on it dose not do it but when its off for over 30 seconds it will show a little tab on my TV showing HDMI 2. When it flashes quickly it dose not do it but longer flashes dose it.

Plus I'm not using the recommended resolution. I'm using the setting from my TVs site. My TV is a 32" Emerson and not a full HD my settings are 1360 X 768 and recommended are 1920 X 1080. Would the resolution have something to do with the flashing screen. Plus I have never used the 1360 X 768 before I only switched it after upgrading because I wanted to be able to fit the screen better.

I'm stumped I have no idea what to try next.