Hello --

I am new to this forum, but I would like to ask for help. I have been with you all since Seven Forums.

I am using a program that is no longer being further developed or supported by the developer. It is called PS3 Media Server and is basically the best program that I have found for serving media (streaming videos) from my PC over the network to my PS3.

For what it's worth, I have not found a better program that streams from the PC to the PS3 or ROKU which allows me to browse and view the files on the system remotely and then play the files by transcoding them so that even seemingly incompatible file formats will still play because of the CODECs that I have installed.

The problem is that when my computer goes to "sleep", this program also stops, rather than preventing the PC from sleeping and letting me continue to stream my videos. I realize that I could change the Sleep / Wake settings each and every time I want to view a video on my TV, but that seems tedious.

Is there a way to tell Windows 10 to not sleep when this specific program, PS3 Media Server, is running and / or being used?

Thanks for your consideration of my issue. I appreciate any help or feedback that you can give me to shed light on this problem.

~Antonio :)

P.S. Any idea what happened to Windows 9? Usually, 9 comes after 8 but I guess the folks at M$ did not learn this in Kindergarten.