I decided to upgrade to widows 10 from windows 8.1. Everything was fine until after it asked me to accept some settings to do with windows 10 and it explained some new and improved apps that have been upgraded in windows ten. After using the recommended settings I can't really remember what happened next but my computer restarted and it showed the HP logo, loaded for a bit then my screen was completely black. I thought it was something to do with the installation so I left it for a bit. After coming back to check on it, the black screen was still there. I wiggled my mouse and a cursor came up. The cursor was the default arrow but it was flickering between the arrow and the loading blue circle. Again I thought it was something to do with the update. After leaving it for a bit more it was still on the same screen. I looked up a few guides on the Internet to see if I could fix the black screen but none have worked. I tried windows key + p to Change between monitors ( I have a laptop HP envy) I tired control alt delete on all different moniters but none came up with anything. If you have a solution please help.