Do you think Ms Reads these Forums -- would be a good idea  

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    Do you think Ms Reads these Forums -- would be a good idea

    Hi there

    I wonder if Ms reads these forums at all - it surely would be a good idea since on the whole people are fairly knowlegeable and do some quite rigorous testing.

    I'm sure Ms would get better feedback from the Forums than going through NINE QUADRILLION replies via windows feedback or other sources.

    If I were at Ms in Windows 10 development I would make it mandatory for the development teams to READ the Forums at least once a day and in some of the labs try and replicate what users have posted on the Forums. !!!!

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    I believe they do selective monitoring,
    How to share feedback on Windows 10 Technical Preview? - Microsoft Community
    Technet forums - Windows 10 Technical Preview

    And even then you would need to add a grain of salt to even these options that in the past it was really the vision of the department heads....

    Would Microsoft be better served by reading/ monitoring forums probably so but it's allot to sift through :)
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    Well if they had any brains at all they would.

    So, no.
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    ThrashZone said:
    Would Microsoft be better served by reading/ monitoring forums probably so but it's allot to sift through :)
    True, it is a lot of reading Mike, but on here, SF and EF the information is all together in a controlled environment, grouped into respective categories and on the whole has much more constructive content than the Windows Feedback program. I've been reading through some of the feedback and some of it is laughable at best, a lot of good feedback will undoubtedly get lost in the noise.
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    Why would M$ bother - they've got their own focus groups. Probably made up with M$ employees.

    On the other hand, I wish they did take more notice outside of the Redmond bubble.
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    I'd say EF wasn't my favorite forum and leave it at that ie11 based

    The only advantage the two other forums have that 7-8-10 forums don't have is they do put most helpful and marked answers at the top under the original question,
    That's a definite double edged sword when hate rants are those answers or most helpful posts

    Better moderating could solve that issue which 7-8-10F will definitely have but never a clear quick to find answer unless it's a three post question
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    Based on how the Feedback App and official forum have "Likes" then I assume that MS is focusing on the most popular bugs/suggestions (based on top Likes). While this forum is way better for finding out perhaps "rarer" bugs, MS's priorities probably lie in fixing whatever most people are concerned with first.
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    Yep if you had all day to scroll through all of the feedback apps post you still would be finished in a day,
    But yea they often look at the most number of votes good/ bad or indifferent :/

    I personally just leave feedback as new and leave it at that so I know it will be ignored anyway by Microsoft Heads
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    I would think they do read forums. They had those shrills working on Windows 8 and 8.1 "explaining" that Windows 8.x was great and you could do this and that with keyboard shortcuts and adding a third party start menu. They patrolled many a forum and would berate and belittle anyone who did have constructive criticism of Windows 8.x. So yes they employ people to read and answer forums, they have gone very quiet on 8.x but are probably researching 10 views now.
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    All I will say is that you might be surprised at the IP Addresses of some of our members across all the sites over the years we have been running
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