So, when I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, everything was good, except for a few problems, like, it takes too long to start up, and hibernation doesn't work properly (after a few seconds after you attempt to restore from hibernation the loading animation starts lagging).
I already had a few other problems in Windows 7, I think it's really just hardware stuff that I haven't done in a while
i.e. clean and take the dust off, etc.
But a different problem that got "carried" from 7 to 10: A never-ending "disk verification" on startup that always fails,
thanks to some Windows Update in 7 (I don't remember which KB) that caused the disk verification on startup fail, and since then, that screen always showed up. On Windows 10, the same thing happens, except it doesn't say explicitly that it "failed", it just shows nothing.
Alright, now after that, once logged in to the PC, everything is fine, and working, until a few hours later, or even minutes, where, suddenly, every "new" feature of w10 that was not in 7 (the modern stuff) just stops working.
I click the start menu icon, the menu won't show up, same thing for the volume, connection, battery, date & time, and notifications icons. When disconnected from the battery cable, it would usually change the brightness, but after this happens, it doesn't. Microsoft Edge (for example) doesn't run, neither the settings. Except when I try to run the settings (I think it's called immersive control panel?) I get an error message about there not being an application associated with it, or something, I don't remember it exactly, but once this happens again I will post the message here.
Anyone knows what's going on?