Hi, please forgive me if this has already been asked, I have run a search on "Virtual Desktop" but found almost 2000 results.

If I have 2 virtual desktops VD1 and VD2 for explanation sake.

I have various items open on both VD1 and VD2, VD1 is a project I'm working on and VD2 is fun/social.

One of the items running on VD2 is Skype, but while I'm working on my project I don't want Skype bothering me. However, when somebody sends me an IM it pops up on the taskbar in VD1 and distracts me from whatever I'm doing.

I'm sure this happens with more than just Skype (but I haven't noticed yet). Is there anyway to instruct Windows not to allow VD crossovers?

Thanks in advance.