Sorry for the thread necromancy, but this thread was the first google hit on the forum for this issue, which has risen again in the form of a problematic registry permission under Win 10 Anniversary Edition.

Specifically, using methods mentioned in this thread (Procmon), I was able to determine that Explorer was not getting access to registry key {56AD4C5D-B908-4F85-8FF1-7940C29B3BCF}. The fix is to navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{56ad4c5d-b908-4f85-8ff1-7940c29b3bcf} and change the permissions to Administrators, while deleting the unknown user if you see one listed. Once you have taken ownership of this key, Windows Explorer will no longer hang on folder creation and renaming.
Aside: Unknown user ids are a plague, it seems, in this Anniversary Edition. I've found two today alone (the other, unrelated problem was a DCOM issue showing up in Event Viewer. Same fix, then a change of permissions for the module in dcomcnfg).