Windows 10: junction point/symbolic link query : multiple DOCUMENTS folders

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    junction point/symbolic link query : multiple DOCUMENTS folders

    my documents folder[s] is on e: as c: is a ssd with limited space.
    somehow i managed to end up with three 'documents' folders in explorer [actually dopus] of which two contain a few folders and the third one many folders, the latter is my real documents folder.
    the os will not allow me to rename the redundant 'documents' folders and so it often happens that i pick the wrong one.
    dopus does indicate the folder size, but that takes some time...
    i know this must be a junction issue but am rather unwilling to play around with it - it might be that i have screwed it by unwittingly playing around with it in the 1st place
    here is a screenshot of the situation
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	documentsx3.PNG 
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    any help to sort this out will be highly appreciated
    in Christ
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    To get a better idea of what's on E:, launch a Command prompt
    cd e:\
    dir /a > %Temp%\eDirList.txt

    Then attach %Temp%\eDirList.txt to a new post
    %Temp% is just an environment variable that points to your User's Temp folder, you can use the %Temp% string as a shortcut to that folder.

    What does the location tab (middle properties screen shot) say about the reference - don't change anything, just look and report back - thanks.
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    junction point/symbolic link query : multiple DOCUMENTS folders

    tx slartybart
    please see attached
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails location.PNG  
    junction point/symbolic link query : multiple DOCUMENTS folders Attached Files
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    There are only two folders that I can see that seem to be related part of the issue.

    15-Sep-15 18:41 <DIR> Documents
    30-Aug-15 20:57 <DIR> DocumentsVERKEERD

    Documents is definitely the reference to your User folder Documents, per the location screen shot.

    DocumentsVERKEERD might be referenced as Documents either in a desktop.ini file or a registry namespace.

    I have no idea what the third Documents folder is or how it might be referenced. This will take some investigation by you.

    Look in the desktop.ini files in E:\ and the two documents folders that do not have a Location tab.
    Again, don't change anything, just look.
    You probably have to change your Folder options to see the hidden files.

    If any .ini file has a reference to Documents under the [LocalizedFileNames] section - please post the text & the folder you found the .ini (this might be difficult since it might simply be Documents and that doesn't help very much. look at the details tab of the folder, it might give you more information about the real folder name).

    Please also do a dir /aL /s on your User folder to list all of the reparse points (junctions)
    You can redirect that toe a text file to make it easier for both of us.
    cd %UserProfile%
    dir /aL /s > %Temp%\userJuncs.txt

    then all you have to do is attach userJuncs.txt in %Temp% as you did before with TempeDirList.txt

    This might take a while to figure out what those extra document folders are since Windows has a number of mechanisms to change the display name of a folder. One step, then another :)

    It might be wise to copy anything in the other Documents folders to your real one before taking any action to correct the situation.
    Do NOT copy Desktop.ini though - that might confuse things - just copy your data files if there are any in those folders.
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    i'll come back in the morning, have to catch some zzzzzzs now...
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       18 Sep 2015 #6

    Ok, I'll be out-of-town over the weekend. Other members might stop by to help.

    Do what you can with what I provided and I'll check in on Tuesday. his doesn't seem to be a critical issue, annoying yes, but it's not breaking anything.

    Have a good sleep and a good weekend.
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  7.    19 Sep 2015 #7

    you're right slartybart, this is not a critical issue but a nuisance as well as an indication that my file system setup and referencing needs cleaning up.
    in any case, trusting your weekend away went as planned or better, herewith the data as requested, see the attached userjuncs.txt file.
    here i have to mention that i have detected many desktop.ini files on my c: , see screenshots.
    as well as on e:, see image.
    the highlighted files on e: contain the following, respectively:





    enclosed is desktop ini with documents.txt file with all config.ini files containing 'documents' in [LocalizedFileNames] - none of these are on e:.

    the junctions which have been made as indicated in the attached junctions txt were for picasa as it tries to dump huge data files on c:, the method i used i got hold of somewhere on this forum.

    i had problems installing win10 from win7 and leftovers of win7 are still on my f: [c: contains my data, e: is my main drive and i am still busy searching f: for anything of value before reformatting it].
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails desktop ini files on c 2 of 2.PNG   desktop ini files on c 1 of 2.PNG   desktop ini files on e.PNG  
    junction point/symbolic link query : multiple DOCUMENTS folders Attached Files
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       20 Sep 2015 #8

    Jumbo, gabriel

    We had a great time with the grandchildren, but decided to make it a day trip. We'll spend the rest of our time doing things more local to our home. I'll take a look at what your posted after we return our children's children :)

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