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    Windows 10

    badrobot said:
    The reason why this is not probably implemented in later windows versions is because of how it slows down the system. It uses up PC resources that causes sluggishness. If you are enjoying the snappiness of Win 10 right now (almost instant load up), that's because the system doesn't have to worry about rendering windows all the time to show aero crap. I like the flatness of Windows right now. It's super light and fast!
    Amen! Don't bring that crap Aero back...
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    I run Aero Glass for Windows 8.1 on Windows 8.1 and I don't see any sluggishness at all. I don't see any difference with or without it.

    I agree with owensjc, I dislike the flat look of 8, 8.1 and now 10. Much prefer the beauty of Aero.
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    Windows 10 Pro For Workstations

    TairikuOkami said:
    No. Windows with Aero theme was always faster rather then without it, because it used GPU, I did a few tests to confirm it, when deciding, if I should use Aero on 7. Today many applications use GPU as well including a browser, because of that, Aero just added a nice smoothness to the user experience.

    Pro and Ultimate are actually slower then Home Premium, because they have more processes, which cause more CPU/RAM/HDD usage. I have never understood, why gamers were buying Ultimate.
    Although HP does not support over 16GB ram. Pro and above do. So there are extra processes, also somewhat depends on what else is installed on the PC. Not a gamer, just like the best OS especially when I got it for $15 through my former employer. Language packs are now on 8.x Pro as Ultimate got rolled into Pro. I honestly think desktop users with powerful machines should be offered the choice of eye candy. I (used to) know plenty of people who ran the Windows 2000 type desktop on lab computer as you did not want anything messing with what you are working on.
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    Hi there
    actually I did like aero glass on Vista -- how can we get this to work on W10 -- is it possible --there was some reference to a GUI modifier but I haven't seen any google links.

    However when I'm doing a Pro magazine or photo shoot gig I just like the plain old W98 or Windows 2000 background -- depends on what you are doing of course.

    Themes should be easily switchable.

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    While MS does have a ton of cash, their resources are limited. Each feature set developed, maintained, and supported requires resources.

    I agree for the most part with the sentiment in this thread - if a feature existed in a previous version, continue to offer it in the next version. Unless of course there are technical complications preventing that feature in the next version.

    There's a balance between Ease of Use and configuration. Most users just want it to work out of the box, so a decision has to be made on what "out-of-the box" means - no customization/configuration and Window would still look ike Windows 3

    Too many customization/configuration options confuse most users.

    There is no happy medium

    Power users know where the registry controls features ... or know where to find the information.
    3rd Party develpers make a lot of money providing alternative shells and applications.

    But ... I do agree that the features should be easily configured ... I disagree that all features should be turned on by default. Which ones then should be on OOB? Since I tune most of the eye-candy off on my machine anyway, I'd vote that none should be on by default (DOS came in basic black, but you could change the window size, buffer size, text size ... why yes, you could even change the bg color )

    Make sure you provide your feedback to MS.

    I've asked them to join the forum - we'll see if a new member exposes ( ) themselves as a MS employee on the Win10 development team.

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    I believe it's all the silly feeds/ live titles that are stopping windows glass from being offered at all,
    Plus with the flagship device being the Surface battery life is a higher priority,

    Microsoft problem in this theory is desktops do not have battery issues
    So yes give us the easy to find options to turn eye candy on :)
    Glass is what made win-7 look good otherwise it would of looked like x-p sp4
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    ThrashZone said:

    Microsoft problem in this theory is desktops do not have battery issues

    And most desktops are not touchscreens. So I guess it all boils down to the ultimate goal of creating one unified OS for all devices.
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    Yea well the unified thing really hasn't worked out well for sells for either Microsoft or comp manufactures

    No one said the unified stuff can't be activated by default,
    The options do need to be available via conventional menus to activate glass or any of the other customize options included in w7
    And yes there are touch screen monitors for desktops I don't know anyone that would like to be that close to a large screen though possibly they could use a stick :)
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    ThrashZone said:
    And yes there are touch screen monitors for desktops I don't know anyone that would like to be that close to a large screen though possibly they could use a stick :)
    Usually POS systems. Like when I buy my quotidian jelly doughnut in Publix. I haven't noticed any of the employees using a stick. Maybe tomorrow I'll suggest a cruller.
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    Windows 10 21H1

    I absolutely do not understand why POS systems should run the same OS as my desktop. This approach that one OS should be used on all possible machines, phones, tablets, etc. seems weird to me.

    I for one do want Aero. I will not move over to 10 if Aero will not be possible without strange hacks to the system. I can accept a third-party theme, but not hacks to the system downloaded from a forum, no offense. Some themes require serious mods or they are not accepted by Windows. I don't want to do that.

    In any case, 7 has Aero and I have not seen anything in 10 that adds to my workflow on 7. Hence, no need to switch, at least as long as 7 is supported.
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