Not sure if this is a Win10 bug (I think so) or VS Community (replaces Visual Studio Express).

I installed it (VS Community) and after a successful installation, it rebooted (twice actually) and when I couldn't find any icons related to it on the desktop, I searched the [All apps] section of the start menu, and also searched using the magnifying glass icon.

There are NO saved shortcuts for me to use at all.... I decided to look in the folder I chose for the installation and found devenv.exe in (x:\Visual Studio\Common7\IDE\) which seems to work... but I have NO clues as to what other tools are available to me (tons of .exe, just no idea what they're for).

Is this something that has happened to others (using Visual studio or any other applications)?

Thanks in advance for *any* input that might allow me to find out what's going on my setup, or Win10. (Thinking of reinstalling windows completely (fresh) but I'll wait 'till they fix a few more thing before doing that).

I'm using Win10 Pro, installed an older (5 years or so) Win7 installation. Everything else seems to be working fine. I previously installed other applications on this setup and the Icons always showed up on the desktop (I usually don't select <Add application to start menu>, but VS didn't ask me as it always does). So this is perhaps just VS Community... not sure.

Again, thx again :)

edited for typos/clarity(hopefully)