So I've had the Lenovo Yoga 3 14 with Windows 10 Home preinstalled for a week now. Used it a lot, loaded 90% of the programs I use on it and I just can't deal with certain aspects of the notebook or Windows 10.

One big thing is it's the Home version of Windows and with the Home version you can't really turn off the Windows Auto Update system. Also what is with MS and not including Games on the system (Games that don't need a monthly/yearly subscription and don't have Adds in them)?

As for the notebook itself it was slower than my 4 year old Dell Latitude E6420. Hard drive (SSD) is only 256GBs and 20GBs of that is used by the system restore feature. Another 25GBs was used by a separate partition holding some driver files and the McAfee program which totaled to about 1GB (+/-) of space used. It isn't that light and I was planning on using as a tablet also but it is a little big for that.

So I have reset the system and I'll be returning it to Best Buy today.

I want to thank all the members of this forum for the help given to me and the tutorials provided, Especially Brink.

I might be back in the future if and when I actually need a new notebook and that new notebook has the Pro version of Windows.