I'm so upset...here's what happened: After around a week of not checking for updates, I did it yesterday (I assume its the latest update), and found out it was scheduled to be installed today at 8.15am. So I continued using my computer...and for other reasons, I got a BSOD due to CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED.

Once I restarted....Windows updated me before login screen and left me with a blue screen with rotating dots. I waited around 5 minutes before restarting, thinking it might be stuck... and the same shit happens no matter how many times i restart. I tried waiting for a long time, but the laptop goes to sleep after a while. I think the longest I waited was around an hour, but if I want to wait longer, I probably have to be there to keep moving the touchpad in order for it to not sleep... I'm currently at work and left the laptop running at the screen with rotating dots, and I had something pressing on the left mouse button. Hopefully it solves it when I get back, but I doubt it will.

Here's what I THINK is happening: The screen flickers black and return to the blue screen with rotating dots every minute or so, as if it is installing a graphics driver. But it doesn't make sense to flicker so many times. I think the installation keeps looping non-stop... as mentioned here: Windows 10 Stuck At Login Screen With Spinning Circle

I have tried System Restore --> it failed, starting in safe mode --> same thing with the rotating circles again... I don't want to lose my files, what should my next step be? My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 with AMD Radeon HD 7670M... anyone else with this laptop can confirm that they do/don't have this problem please?