Windows 10: If you recovered W10 using a disk image please check......

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    If you recovered W10 using a disk image please check......

    that your Windows Update history is intact and correctly displayed.

    There seems to be a problem with W10 backup and restore that may involve two possible scenarios, although I can't say for certain at this time whether the second is a real issue or imagined.

    The possible issues...

    1/ On restore of an image, your Windows Update history is removed and wiped clean. The updates are still installed (if you look in "installed updates") but the history is gone. It may also say that you have never checked for updates. (curiously this is a common issue with some paid for backup software)

    2/ I have a suspicion (and I could be wrong depending on the timeline I think happened) that a restored image is not picking up optional updates.

    Why I think this...

    I made an image backup that I think was prior to installing optional updates. I had to recover back to that image some time later and my update history was gone. A forced update check said no updates available. Problem 1 above is real, the second one, maybe !
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    I have never really checked if a re-imaged system maintained the Update history. The system I am currently on is a re-imaged 8.1 system upgraded to Windows 10 and it only shows the Windows 10 updates, all 3 of them.

    I remember in Windows 7 when we used to Delete or Rename the SoftwareDistribution folder to try to repair Windows update and that would wipe out the history. It never caused a problem, but I believe Windows does go back and verifies all the prior updates are installed.

    I have not yet tried the Windows 10 imaging ability but you might check the thread linked below to see if Badrobot knows, if he doesn't respond directly.
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    Hi there.

    I restored using Acronis -- this is simply a PHYSICAL SECTOR by SECTOR restore so as far as ACRONIS is concerned it's just restoring DATA - it neither knows nor cares what the file system is (or even what the OS is) if doing a physical sector by sector restore.

    If doing a DATA restore then the underlying OS and File system is important - but when I Image a partition / HDD then the OS is irrelevant - and I can't see why I should LOSE any data when restoring. The whole point of a restore is that you have an exact copy of the HDD at the time you made the backup.

    If you are using Windows tools to do your restore / imaging there could be all sorts of other software in there that might take account of the Windows OS and file system and it might try and do what it thinks are optimisations etc.

    Personally I prefer an INDEPENDANT bootable stand alone recovery / backup program -- I've had problems in the past with the Windows built in imaging system.

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    I can't verify this at the moment as none of my attempted image restoration attempts have been successfully completed using the native windows restore utility. But just like what Jimbo said, it is much better to use a third party pre-os mode utility in case your system goes beyond fixable and will not boot at all. In my case, I do both windows and 3rd party image backups. That's because I find windows image restoration process faster than 3rd party ones. But if windows image restoration does not work, just like what I first mentioned above, the 3rd party option does work all the time. I am only using the Free Macrium software. But after the restoration with Macrium, although I haven't really checked, I know for sure that windows update is still installed as my 4 monitors are working fine. AMD drivers don't work at the moment so I am relying right now with the native drivers that came with Windows update. Before the update, I can't get the 4 monitors to work. So, I guess Update history logs isn't really that much important at this point as we all know we are just using a preview version and let's hope that it will get sorted out. As long as the OS and the updates are working the way they should. But I will still check if the history is intact. I don't have access to my W10 pc at this moment.
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    Thanks guys...

    I first encountered this issue with AOMEI backupper and W8.1, and latterly the beta version of Acronis TI2015. I must confess that I always always use Acronis (TI2014) and run it within Windows... and I've never had an issue.

    I can see where you are coming from with using bootable media, particularly if you have encountered issues running from within Windows and so I will be making a backup using Acronis and this method.

    So I should be OK using an older version of TI such as TI10 ?

    I've never actually made an image this way but I will look at the options and see if sector by sector is included.

    The Windows image utility does seem to have this glitch in W10 which needs fixing.

    Thanks :)
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    To make you feel better about how 3rd party works, I upgraded a cloned copy of Win 7 to Win 10 TP succesfully just for testing purposes. Then I restored it back to Windows 7 using Macrium image on pre-OS mode and everything was so smooth.
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    That's good to know.

    I ended up using TI2014 and home made bootable CDR to image W10. I didn't see a sector by sector in the old TI10. Anyhow, its running now and about half done by the looks of it. Backing the whole caboodle up as a test.
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    I just reimaged my Win 10 system and the Update history is gone. The installed updates does show specific ones, but may not show them all since it only lists those updates which can be removed.

    I will keep and eye on the WindowsUpdate.log to see what it shows happening. But as I mentioned, this should not be a problem.

    The reimage worked fine even with getting a "Parameter is not correct" message. Possibly the fact I was going from a 1 TB drive to 250 GB had something to do with that message.
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    That's interesting and thanks for the confirmation. I wonder if the update history is handled a little like restore points which (as I understand) are non functional when a recovered image is used (thinking of Acronis).
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