if I am on Chrome or firefox and I go to pull my task bar down, (as it is parked on the page top), it disappears and I have to close the browsers then click anywhere on the desktop, in which I get the new white screen of death, then the desktop reloads and everything is fine until I go on the net. This started today and here is some history, it is a home built pc running windows 10 64 bit, it has a 3.4 gig AMD cpu, 32 gigs of ram Zoltac 1 gig video card, 1000 watt pws, 1 optical drive, 4 internal 1T sata hard drives and a couple jump drives as well as web cam and a couple portable hard drives.
I just noticed this start happening today, I restarted windows and it kept looking at the jump drives, failing them and then excepting them but it continues in a never ending crash loop. I did try to go to microsoft but kept getting a automatic login error, yet everything else works fine. There are no torrents on this unit and I use Macafee which is updated daily.
I am wondering if there is a fix for this as my other computers are in limbo waiting for the windows 10 update, anyone else have this or know of a fix?