I upgraded my Dell Inspiron 3521 laptop from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Everything went fine until about a week later when I could no longer cold boot. I'd get the Windows logo and the spinning dots, but Windows would never load. I'd manually turn the power on and off several times until Windows diagnostics loaded. Then if I chose restart, Windows would load fine.

I tried turning fast start on and off, this made no difference. So I decided to do a clean install of Windows 10 Home from DVD. Once again, everything was fine for about a week, then the exact same issue started happening again. Once again, enabling or disabling fast start didn't make a difference.

Dell just had a BIOS update, which I thought might take care of the issue, but no such luck.

Anyone have any suggestions to fix this? I had ZERO startup issues on Windows 8/8.1. It's very annoying to have to restart 3 times every time I want to cold boot.

Thanks for your help.