Windows 10: Need help I'm clueless.

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    Need help I'm clueless.

    Okay, last night I was playing fine on my built PC with windows 10, everything worked and nothing was wrong. But when I started it this moring it was greated by an unusually long lasting black screen on startup and was only able to see my mouse. That's problem #1. Now I bypassed this by hitting space bar and entering my password to log into my computer.

    After logging in I see that all of my icons on my desktop are gone. I tried to open chrome from my taskbar and the taskbar shows that its open but noting appears on my screen when I try to acess it. This is the same with all of my apps.

    I also can't see any of the icons on the bottom right hand of my desktop either .(such as the wifi signal and the volume mixer) I can hit my windows button and can navigate a menu that's is contained in that box. But can't open anything.

    I've tryed restarting, ctrl alt del only brings me to another black screen. I am currently posting from my phone.

    This is my full build. I have had no problems with the computer before today. I talked to a windows hotline and they told me that they wanted $110 to have someone helpe instal it.
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    Hi there and welcome,would you please fill in,your system's specs ?
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    proudtobegreek said: View Post
    Hi there and welcome,would you please fill in,your system's specs ?
    Put up the build.
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    Another choice for computer help, is Microsoft AnswerDesk and right now its FREE support for any Windows 10 problems. Also Here of course where their are many good folks who can help.
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    Any luck booting in safe mode?
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    proudtobegreek said: View Post
    Any luck booting in safe mode?
    I wouldn't even know how. When I restart it doesn't give me any options. Just a black screen.
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    Any backup cd's handy,a bootable USB maybe?Could you give it a shot troubleshooting your OS?
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    This may help you don't know if it will but give it a shot...
    Try logging in as you did before...(Your going to have to login to try to get to the account you need)
    I think your logged in a different account by that I mean you set up one account with all your goodies
    and now you logged in to an account that does not have all the goodies you set up...
    After you are logged in... Click on the windows start icon at the bottom left on the desktop screen...
    On the start menu at the very top you'll see the name of the account your logged in click on the name and a menu will open look at the bottom of the menu and you will see other accounts click on another account from the menu and log in with the appropriate password. If you see more than one account at the bottom of the menu just keep clicking one by one when you get to the account you have all the goodies you set up you have found the account your looking for...
    Note: If you upgraded to windows 10 and kept all your files from the previous operating system there may me some accounts showing on the menu that do not work... If you happen to click one of this account your welcome screen is going to try to login but can't so after a long while you will get a pop saying "critical error logout" when or if you get this message just pick another account and try to login again...Hope this helps....
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    you are lucky in that you can cut power to everything.
    pull the cord and let it sit for a good 5 minutes or so and give it another try. unplug any usb devices that aren't needed.

    Raner above is on one of the right tracks if you can do it.

    of you have a Start menu, or can click blindly on the lower left corner and get a menu, you're in good shape. hit that, select your shutdown menu, and WHILE HOLDING the Shift Key, click Restart. That should start a service to take you to a Troubleshooting menu where you can choose to Selectively Restart. Then on a REstart you will get a menu that will give you Safe Mode.

    Since you are unfamiliar with this: first thing I would do in Safe Mode is go to User Accounts and Create an alternative User /Administrator so you have another way-in to the system
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    Raner, his biggest problem is He Can't see his screen!! its Black.....
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