Windows 10: Windows 10 loops on repair

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    Windows 7 - upgrade to 10
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       06 Sep 2015 #11

    Windows Tech couldn't get me to safe mode. I didn't get asked about backing anything up. I've never upgraded the OS before so this is all new and daunting. Thanks everyone
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    Windows 7 - upgrade to 10
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       06 Sep 2015 #12

    I did try to use the recovery factory default backup disk I created two years ago but it wouldn't recognize or accept those under System Image Recovery
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  3.    06 Sep 2015 #13

    Hi, as it seems you don't have any backups, your priority is to rescue any important data.

    Thus you need a suitable bootable CD, and an external USB drive. Boot your PC from the CD, and see if you can access your files and folders. Copy anything important to your USB drive.

    Note- if your PC uses UEFI you need to make sure your bootable CD will work with that before you download and create it.

    The safest way is to use (e.g.) Aomei backupper free, and create an image of your entire disk on your external USB drive.
    You can mount the image if you wish, and explore it, and extract anything you want. It depends how much critical data you have and how complex it is to find it.

    During that you will find out if you can still read your disk.
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    Windows 7 - upgrade to 10
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       06 Sep 2015 #14

    FOUND a solution: http:// I did Alt+F10 and got to the Acer eRecovery management. It puts my computer back to the factory setting and Windows 7. Will have to add my computer programs back. Thanks for the help. Lord answered my prayers.
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  5.    07 Sep 2015 #15

    Ok, good.. but anything on your system partition will have been lost. If you actually used My Documents etc or had important files on that you will have lost them, as you know.

    So, once you've got a working configuration you're happy with, use (e.g.) Macrium Reflect (which has recently improved) or Aomei Backupper...etc.. regularly for disk imaging. And create an image before any significant change or upgrade, remembering to create the boot disk from the program.

    That way you have a controlled time limited way to restore a working configuration, assuming no hardware issues.
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    Windows 7 - upgrade to 10
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       07 Sep 2015 #16

    I tried to create an image this morning but it said my disk was not large enough . CD-R 52x/700MB/80Min. Is this the program you're talking about or do I need to purchase one? Macrium Reflect Free - Free download and software reviews - CNET I'm going to make it part of my regular routine to back it up! I appreciate everyone's help! I use my external hard drive to save all my documents, pictures, etc but lost a couple of programs. Some of those were 32, so I'll have to remember how I got them to be excepted on the 64. I'm very disappointed in how Windows is handling this upgrade and the bugs. There are so many people who have black screens. I'm thankful that I saw the link to this forum! Thank you all and God bless!
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  7.    07 Sep 2015 #17

    I've found it helpful to use a backup disk twice the size of my HDD.

    How does disk imaging work? (E.g. the two programs I mentioned).

    1. You create a base image of your selected partitions.
    2. Thereafter you regularly create either an incremental (smaller) or differential image (larger).
    These two will typically be a lot smaller than your base image.
    All are compressed (you can select the compression algorithm).

    So trying to create an image on a CD just won't work- think, Windows takes up some 40-60Gb. Even with compression you can't squeeze that onto a CD.

    Macrium Reflect (free) is recommended having been updated- personally, having tried several, I've settled for Aomei Backupper, finally bought for about £12 recently at a discount from Bitsdujour. It's focussed, works reliably, and well supported. Acronis Trueimage was good years ago, but has become bloatware. Another interesting one is Easeus Todo; both Aomei and Todo are regularly given away. But I've not tried Macrium.

    The huge advantage of disk imaging is you can recover your system without thinking about it in a defined time, even if it's unbootable so long as you create the boot CD and there's no hardware problem, and EVERYTHING is backed up, including odd configuration settings and things you wouldn't normally think of backing up.

    I also have some small scripts periodically copying some things from C:\ to a separate partition, so if I restore an image from, say, a week ago, I might wish to recover sthg from the partition I haven't overwritten.
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    Windows 7 - upgrade to 10
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       07 Sep 2015 #18

    Okay I downloaded Macrium Reflect and saved the files to my external drive. I then created a System Repair Disc to save should I ever need it. :/ When I tried to do the Backup Disk, I get 2 completed disk done but there's an error message when I get to the 3rd one. Do you feel I need to keep trying to do the Backup Disk? I so appreciate your help! Thanks!
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  9.    07 Sep 2015 #19

    Hi, You do mention an external drive- but it sounds like you downloaded M.Reflect onto it, rather than writing the image files to it. It sounds like you're burning your image files to CDs or probably DVDs and experiencing a burning problem. It really is so much better to use a large external USB drive for the image files. That lets you use incremental or differential imaging (faster, smaller), which I can't imagine you could do using CDs/DVDs, and naturally you don't get burning problems or have to keep swapping media. Probably a lot faster too (write time).

    I can't recall the size of my base images for my Windows + installed programs offhand, but I'd guess they are over 20Gb. The subsequent differential images are rather smaller, being the change from the base image to 'now'. (Incremental images would be a lot smaller, being the change from the last base + set of incremental images.

    For my 500Gb HDD I used a 1Tb external HDD to back up all partitions.

    (How do you know you've got a frighteningly large amount of data? If you need a 'terror' byte disk to back it up ).
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    Windows 7 - upgrade to 10
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       07 Sep 2015 #20

    I saved the program to my hard drive and then saved the backup file to my external hard drive. My nephew says he hasn't ever heard of saving it there to restore the computer. :/ My "C" drive (hard drive) has 68.0Gb used space and the external hard drive (little book) has 171 GB. I'll have to see if I can get a zip drive to save it on. I'm just aggravated that the Backup Disk program (on the computer) is not going all the way through. I get an error message when it's on the third disk. Just realized this afternoon that all my email addresses are gone too. Thanks!
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