Is Windows 11 worth the upgrade?

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    Windows 10

    if you think otherwise feel free to say why. Otherwise that is the beauty of opinions. If you can't handle that then you have the ability to turn off at the exact same time.
    The energy is just non constructive opposition currently. If you have a problem then say why otherwise you have nothing to say.
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    Delly10 said:
    Has Win11 finally become worthy enough to make the switch?
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    Windows 10

    Catnip said:
    I have good specific reasons:

    With Linux, I have to fiddle and dick around with every software package I try to run
    Let me just mention Windows. It was torture and every once in awhile I have to relive that torture. I am only learning ( figuring out ) how I should have really saw Windows. There is nothing else out there like it and I will admit that. Amiga, Linux, Bsd, OSX, iOS, Android all are variants of Unix. Not Windows. It is like an episode of "Startrek" and the crew from the future gave Bill Gates this thing called DOS. Then Gates did us a big favor with Visual-Basic which eventually became Windows and of course DOTNET. The reality is that nothing else is original in comparison to Windows. Windows have a gigantic software library and if you could master it, then it is a breeze. Without the original DOS, Software library, then people would turn away from it.

    But it literally come as a cost. Now with Cyberdime Windows being a reality with the store, luring you with all kinds of features, making claims that your system needs #$#@$@#$ and tricking the end user. That is why people hate Windows, because they
    do not understand how to read the fine print. If I used Windows the way Microsoft wanted me to, without a doubt I would give up on it. I am not making a phone call just to install any operating system, and I am not going to purchase a new piece of hardware to install the same version of windows I am already using. I am not going to install a feature that requires a chunk of my processor to track my key-strokes and observe my actions. I am not going to take my hard earn money if any just to have the same lame experience when I realize there is a way out of the binds of it all.

    Otherwise when Steve Jobbs created Rhapsody all he had to do was to make it not break on a PC and give it away for free with
    free applications. Nope so we continue to deal with DOS, Apple, Windows, and whatever insanity. Because at the time people did
    not understood Rhapsody which became OSX, and gave us the Gui of Glass on Windows 7.

    Back to Linux

    Great it is easy not to learn how to do anything. That is literally the Amiga and of course the OSX way. But that was once upon a time when we had a thing called DOS and Windows was just riding on top of it. Now things are more or less the same, but in reverse. We should get usted to and being happy with

    1) acquiring the git
    2) getting the necessary packages
    3) making changes to config files ( whatever the names are )
    4) and actually making something run and going wow I just got two eyes following my mouse around.


    Right now I am trying to find out how do I get wayland to replace X11 and display whichever GUI program I want.
    I just discovered the built in GNOME for Ubuntu is unable to function without any application lists. But at the same
    time I want it to display using wayland via Xlaunch.

    Now I discovered Xlaunch has another portion called Xwayland. I could follow the directions to install on my Windows.
    Then hopefully it will load whichever wayland Gui.

    Again is there a way to designate an application to use wayland over X11? Why wayland on WSL? Because then I would
    be able to launch Waydroid and use android applications without the android sub-system with GPU support.
    Besides wayland is what I and everybody should be using and not X11 which is the past. Further more waydroid wants
    GNOME because it uses wayland as default.

    You see where I am going with this? I have finally have GUI support but now I want android support. But the despite Waydroid being installed I am unable to run it properly without it failing ( it does not display but is clearly running in a window that
    does not exist ), and actually showing a picture.

    Oh wait display not set, I have to figure out which settings of which files to get Waydroid to actually work.


    Now I went backwards. And found out there is an install of Arch-Linux Not available via regular download. So I am going to install Arch, install all related applications, and features. Then follow the directions to install Waydroid on Arch ( which of course
    is going to cue me to install gnome )


    Further more I even installed BlendOS on Vmware. But once again I run into a snag. Blend will not install the containers for Ubuntu or Arch, which I need before I am able to use any Android application. Which is why Waydroid, FOSS, or any other android application keeps crashing. SO that is another drawing board.

    Question? If I just install Blend OS to a computer would it work? But I need the OS to be Vmware so I am able to run Android
    without Side-channels ( Hyper-V ). From Blend I could run a Vm of Windows within side. Once that is true I could just install Blend and run my Windows 10 install it. But that is for another day

    Yes I have Memu to run Android.
    Yes I could always checkout using Hyper-V or even qemu
    Yes I could just install the official android emulator beta or the official Subsystem.
    But I just want to see this thing work the ways I just mentioned.

    At it's core if knew every program you would and could use on Windows there is a Linux variant. Why bother with Windows?

    Because it is already there...............My windows 10 ( it could be 7 ) more or less is a OSX/Linux experience at the moment.
    If it was just Linux in it's place it would and could be better all around no matter how many examples are used. Now
    I just discovered that maybe Arch Linux could be better then Ubuntu Linux. While I could tweak Ubuntu to run as Arch,
    why not try it from the other way around?
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