Windows 10: Windows 10 desktop 'stop' icon and cannot move icons

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  1.    08 Oct 2015 #21

    Hi Night Hawk and thank you for the nice welcome.

    When I did the free upgrade last night from Windows 7 to 10.
    I'm not proud of this but I tend to keep a lot of folders and files and shortcuts up on my desktop, all knowing it slows the machine down.

    So when I right click on an empty place on my Desktop I believe its Windows 10 now, unless I still have a Windows 7 view up, I see the choice Arrange by, then inside that are Auto Arrange Icon and Align Icons to Grid are the choices and they are functioning buttons not grayed out.

    If I'm not fully over and onto Windows 10, I do admit it can be a bit confusing.
    However I do see that I can not move these Icons straight up on the Desktop like in Windows 7, without the trick I'm using now.

    Thank you, RichRazz
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       08 Oct 2015 #22

    Actually I prefer to keep the desktop entirely free of anything so I don't end up seeing a desktop that looks like.....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    As seen in years past I should say! With all that since organized that leaves plenty of room for other things.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And even the RocketDock doesn't actually that much on it and set to auto hide on the secondary. Of course I never look at the view settings much when right clicking on the desktop itself where you would go for the items.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If the Auto Arrange is checked off you simply click to uncheck that. The Align to Grid will keep the shortcut icons from being bounced all over the place and disorganized if you have to hard boot for any reason such as a game locking up solid on you. I found that one out in years past while still running XP and it loved to crash! After the typical hard start hitting the reset button everything would be scrambled all over as far as the number of desktop shortcuts.

    The original Quick Launch(XP, Vista later) as a headache at times trying to get things onto while the options seen since with 7 came in with pinning shortcuts and adding new tool bars cleaned all that up in no time. When first seeing 10 go on I simply recreated the exact same folders on C and proceeded to drag the shortcut into them as I go along each time when adding a new program on if not simply needing one for some system setting. Before 10 with the Control Panel now seen in the Start button's right click menu I even had a shortcut for that along with several for each item in the CP. That I simply name as the "System" folder.
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  3.    08 Oct 2015 #23

    I do understand what you are telling me and I have used that practice. What i4dat had originally asked / posted about, was what I had figured out without needing any additional software, a full version Windows 10 install, creating folders or any major changes as to how wont rearranged on the desktop due to the stop icon. I am only rearranging them by using the cut while on a icon right click and then pasting it while I am in an open area of the desktop, just making sure where your mouse arrow is located is where you'd like the icon to move to before you paste. Only trick is Auto Arrange Icon has to be unchecked like you have in your screen shot above. I appreciate all the advice and I wont bog you down anymore if this process doesn't work or help i4dat issue. Thank you and it was great sharing and hearing your knowledge.
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       08 Oct 2015 #24

    When you have the Auto Arrange option checked up Windows decides where each new shortcut will end up. Even if you decided you want this here and that over there Windows does it Windows's way and puts it where it manages things. The irony is Windows has the final say once the system sees the next restart for whatever reason.

    With the Align to Grid option enabled where you place any shortcut locks into an even spacing so the next won't bump into the first. The spacing not where the shortcut is placed prevents a pile up if you should happen to see a system hang requiring a hard boot. I ran into that often in years past going back to XP and why the Align to Grid option was always the choice here.

    Now for i4dat simply unchecking those options, seeing a full restart, and then going back in to check of the Align to Grid item only may just be what is needed to refresh things. Sometimes Windows forgets it's manners as far as retaining settings where this can be a fast fix method.
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  5.    27 Oct 2015 #25

    Hey Guys, sorry for the long time getting back to this thread.

    Turned out that in the end, that Windows decided to do a 'repair' and that repair ended up wiping everything off of the machine that did not come with Windows (like a clean install?) and I had to go hunting to put the software back on my machine.

    So after putting all of the software that I could back on, and not putting on either of the Stardock programs back on, I have not experienced the problem again.

    I'm guessing either the Start10 or the Deskscapes program was the issue (or it may be the upgrade was causing but I don't want to jinx the machine by putting those software packages back on and it causing the issue to come back).

    But what has now ended up happening is that I have developed a problem with my Atech Flash Pro-57U USB 3.0 media card is now unrecognizable by the system and no longer works.

    According to Win10 I have no card installed.

    I think this may be a Win10 Driver issue but when you go to the Atech website, they don't list a driver at all, they must expect Windows drivers to be able to recognize the card and install drivers for it.

    Its very frustrating....

    Side note, if I have a windows 7 Home 32bit, can I upgrade that to a 64bit if doing a clean install? I never got the upgrade button because there is one optional update that will not install.
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       27 Oct 2015 #26

    You can see a clean install of the 10 Home edition without the need for first seeing an upgrade to 10! Clean Install Windows 10 Directly without having to Upgrade First - Windows 10 Forums[2]=Installation%20and%20Setup

    That will save an endless list of potential bugs often seen with upgrade installs regardless of what version of Windows is being upgraded to! Even following a clean install of one version the upgrade to the next newer ut ooooooo..... "buggy" at times!

    I wouldn't know about Deskcades but the Start Menu 10 shouldn't be any concern at all. If 10 saw the Rest PC recovery option kick in that would wipe things clean as well as that upgrade install from 7 to 10 being more of a larger concern if things weren't put on fully! With any newer version the golden rule would be to see a test clean install first to see what works on it! From there you would either dual boot or replace the older version entirely. (was glad to dump XP when Vista came along after a brief dual boot. 7 saw Vista gone during beta for both 32bit and 64bit build before staying with the 64bit only!)

    With the guide above you can swap over the 64bit as long as the hardwares you have see 64bit updates particularly for anything old that only saw 32bit drivers. Since 7 came out the increase in support for the 64bit platform has been wide spread while the software market is still primarily 32bit with most seeing the 64bit alternates or support both platforms.

    The 64bit Windows still sees 32bit emulation so you only need to worry about finding newer versions of the programs you have on like your av program will likely have to see the latest build in order to even install on 10! The 2014 flavor here for the av program failed where I first saw the 2016 beta version go on following the repair of the initial upgrade where you could only install pc games and none of the usual softwares being one buggy upgrade. So expect some programs won't be able to even install at first sight since 10 is also three versions newer then 7 to start with.

    Now as for bypassing the need to see the upgrade install first and while the second desktop sailed through it's own upgrade that was to be followed by a laptop's upgrade where that found the Start button missing, Start>Settings screen totally blank, and no access to the AllApps! Fortunately I had already planned the immediate clean install replacement to insure 10 would activate and then put on a second 64bit clean install for the 32bit 7 Home Premium laptop! I think you should see things go much better following the steps in the guide to avoid "Buggy Upgrades"!
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