Windows 10: Windows 10 desktop 'stop' icon and cannot move icons

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       11 Sep 2015 #11

    Have you downloaded the Media Creation Tool and seen 10 media made up or are you simply using the initial upgrade now option if not through the Windows updates?

    This seems to be an immediate upgrade option problem being reported at the MS social technet site quite a bit for 10. Setup crashes with error

    With each instance people are being advised to disable their system protections as far as antivirus and firewall programs from 3rd party sources and using the media tool to see the media made up or save the "Windows.iso" file name download for the edition and architecture you are going with being either 32bit or 64bit.

    Here I simply with the save iso to drive first along with subsequently trying out the two media creation options avoiding the immediate upgrade entirely. When finding out I had to unplug a pair of storage drives for the first main system here then 10 upgraded right over the temp 7 install I had put on for the planned dual boot. I had to see a second upgrade to repair the first until the clean install still running well went o a week later! Buggy! was the first upgrade there and on a laptop while surprisingly the second desktop went well.

    The Modem Setup Host error however is apparently tied directly to the method of installation being used. Here I not only used the MC tool but have had the UltraISO utility program in use now since 7 came out! You can also see the Windows.iso file mounted on a virtual cd drive in Windows in order to run the setup.exe file from there. So there are alternatives to getting the 10 install going correctly for you.
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  2.    11 Sep 2015 #12

    Initially I used the upgrade button.

    Now I have used the Windows 10 pro 64bit ISO and mounted it (I have also tired running it off of the DVD and transferring it to my secondary drive), ran setup and it hangs in the same place with that 'Modern Setup Host' error.

    Maybe I need to uninstall my antivirus and anti-malware instead of disabling it?

    At this point, do you think I should revert back to Win 7 and then trying to reinstall (Of course I don't if I can use the Win 10 ISO and install or even if I won't get the same error)?

    What do you think?
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  3.    11 Sep 2015 #13

    Oh, side note, I was doing this from my logon that has Admin rights and not the Admin account itself.

    Should I retry from the Admin logon?
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       11 Sep 2015 #14

    Well if you weren't logged into the admin account on 7 that would be the next place to be! If you had already seen 10 running and activated you wouldn't even have to worry about reverting back to 7 in order to see the second upgrade but simply go for the clean install. And when you do get 10 running you may find the present antivirus program is simply not new enough where you need the lateast version out to see that even install on 10 since the upgrade will automatically require a number of programs to be installed all over again anyways.

    Someone else on another thread was apparently having problems with his av and had to see it removed long enough to get 10 on and running. You have to do what it takes to first see the upgrade install go on and activate to your system thete and then can turn around and a nice fresh clean install on without worry! That will automatically get you squared away.

    From there you simply check the latest versions for 10 support if any apps won't go on. With the 2014 version of VIPRE on here I couldn't even get that to install even after a repair on the initial upgrade while Acronis True Image Home 2010 went onto the repaired copy of 10 without a hitch!

    The 2016 beta for VIPRE was then tried out until the clean install came and then this year's version. So you shouldn't worry about nuking the present version right now that you have there since most likely that will need to be updated. Check with the support site in any case to see what that shows as far as 10 is concerned in case you end up needing some other program to replace the present. You definitely want to be logged in as the administrator for any changes like this.
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  5.    11 Sep 2015 #15

    Yeah I will try it under the Admin account.

    I did upgrade from Win 7 Pro to Win 10 Pro but in the upgrade process I got some buggy stuff going on.

    That is why I was hoping to do a Repair on 10 and hope that it fixed the buggy-ness.

    However my issue at the moment is the error message that I am hoping, once I log on as admin, will let it do the repair.

    If that fails then I will have to look to doing the clean install and all of the house keeping that entails so that all of my software will actually work.

    Either that or continue using a buggy Win 10 that I can't move my icons around unless I boot into safe mode as well as to having slow performance issues.

    And the saga continues....
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       11 Sep 2015 #16

    If you don't get anywhere with the upgrade as far as repairing the present 10 nstall better plan on a clean one to follow that! Out of the three upgrades so far two were found "Buggy"! The second desktop on the other hand being the smooth sailer seemed to be all set but I had plans to see 7 restored on a second drive I added in there. That just happened to be the first of two storage drives on the main build now in a micro atx mini tower case!

    With the laptop the need for a clean install was obvious there! No visible Start button, the Settings screen totally blank, and no access at all to the AllApps! buggiest! The first on the main case saw a repair install you are wanting to try out and things went well while I was still going to see a clean one after the first week. See how it goes! Just be prepared for the need to see a clean install however.
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  7.    11 Sep 2015 #17

    I guess I can live in hope...

    Thanks for the help though, its is most appreciated. I will touch back to see what I had to do in the finish (or if I have more questions :))
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc
       12 Sep 2015 #18

    Here I ran into some buggy upgrades from the start as several others have from what I have been reading across the forums here. But the clean install is often labeled the absolute "Last Resort" move when and if you are trying to preserve what is already on as far as programs and settings, etc.

    Yet when trying the repair install option here the Program Files and Program Files(x86) along with the users folders were found all new with the second "Windows.old00" folder sitting next to the first Windows.old until that one was simply renamed to "Windows.Backup" once cleaning things to use as a temp back up folder. The subsequent run of the DiskCleanup tool settled the fate of those two fast however!

    The few things I was able to get installed on the initial upgrade had to be reinstalled to the repair install again just to let you know about that particular information where the clean install option at this point is something to consider. But that will strictly your call to make there.
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  9.    07 Oct 2015 #19

    Yes, I'm late to the Windows 10 upgrade here.
    But I did find a solution to the "cannot move icons" it's a work around.

    First you need to make sure the Auto Arrange Icon is unchecked and then the Arrange Icon to Grid is checked off. You can move them one at a time or in groups/patterns at a time.

    For groups/pattern hold the control key button down and left click on the ones you'll want to move, note they will move in that arranged pattern. Then right click Cut on those to move, next move your mouse's arrow to the far right top edge that you'd like them to land and right click again and click Paste.

    I've found so far the Recycle Bin does not allow you to cut and paste, so I 1st sorted them by Type so it went up to the far left, then moved the others in a large groups/patterns. I hope this helps?

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       08 Oct 2015 #20

    Welcome to the Ten Forums! RichRazz

    You won't find any Arrange Grid option in 10. The only thing you will see however is which icons like the Recycle Bin you can have set to appear on the desktop as well as a check box allowing programs to change which ones will appear. I have a feeling you are getting settings seen with 7 confused with 10 there a bit.

    There's been quite a few changes since 10 is now three versions newer. You now see on/off switches for a good number of things. With XP, Vista, and 7 you would typically see that option while so far it hasn't been found in 10.
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