So i updated my PC from windows 7 to windows 10. Had an error but solved it by changing my default save dir to c drive again. After installation my computer freezes either right after i enter my password (it just says welcome with the spinny circle forever) or it hits the desktop and loads my wallpaper but nothing else if i do cntr alt delete it opens up the menu but if i select task manager nothing happens and then i cant do cntr alt delete anymore. It works fine in safe mode. I have deleted all my drivers (graphics, ethernet, wifi, audio) removed all startup and even uninstalled some programs that start up and arnt on the task manager startup list. Sometimes after about 4-10 reboots ill get a good startup and can use my pc for as long as i want untill i shut it down and restart. Then the whole process starts over again. My build is intel i5, gigabyte g1 nvidia 970, 20gb ddr3 ram 1 ssd which has os and 2 hdds for data. Any help is appreciated.