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    Windows 10 Home x64

    My guess is that when we go to perform an update the new build will appear and download. Then we'll have the option to install it. Sort of like the previous way but it's going to be integrated into the general update process.
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    Interesting to see if build 9879 upgrades automatically to next new build skipping 9926. At the moment 9879 does not upgrade to 9926, have not done in weeks; you can install any of the older builds at the moment and upgrade up to 9879 but not to 9926.

    Example: install 9841, it upgrades by itself to 9860 which again upgrades by itself to 9879 but that's it. Only way to get 9926 at the moment is a clean install.
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    3-Win-7Prox64 3-Win10Prox64 3-LinuxMint20.2

    I was on 9879 and it did update to 9926,
    There was a slight little snag in the process I believe the upgrade reset hibernation to on along with fast start,
    End result on shut down the drive never booted again
    Precious memories

    No new computers I know of around to wake the hdd or no one willing to allow such a process to be run on their machines
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    In my optimistic over-enthusiastic mood at the moment, I would be willing to bet we get a new build today, based on this:

    1.) As I mentioned in my last post two hours ago, last two weeks I have been unable to upgrade beyond build 9879. I had a desktop, a laptop and two virtual machines running build 9879 past two weeks and even checking for the new builds every day, they did not upgrade further to 9926. As the build 9926 has some bugs preventing usual image customization and sysprep, or at least making it very insecure and difficult I assumed that MS has noticed the same and lets people running 9879 stay in it without upgrading to 9926. I even tested this theory, on the other of the two virtual machines I mentioned above, installing 9841 which upgraded through 9869 to 9879 but not further.

    I was and still am sure that these machines would be automatically upgraded just before the release of the next build, in order to prepare for it because as my tests showed, Windows 10 TP does not upgrade automatically to last available build if an old build is installed but instead goes through the whole cycle.

    I had just posted my last post two hours ago when both of the 9879 virtual machines which I had running rebooted by themselves almost simultaneously. A moment later the desktop told me Windows needs to be rebooted. All of them upgraded to build 9926 now, tonight, after showing "no new builds" for two weeks. I have not checked the laptop yet but I am sure it follows the suit and upgrades as soon as I turn it on.

    2.) It's Tuesday and MS has a soft spot for Tuesdays (re: "Patch Tuesdays")

    3.) Less than five days to go to March, MS has very strongly hinted that we would get a new build in February

    These three points make me almost sure that we get a new build today, sometime around noon PST. So sure that I am willing to bet on it :).
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    dual boot W10 10586th2/14291 rs1 Win. Insider since Jan. 2015

    I'm using windows 10 Technical Preview 9926 for the daily driver here now . I like it much better than Win 7, 8, 8.1 although 7 x64 was decent all along . I have 2 more PC's here running very well with 7 x64 they will get W 10 when it's finished .

    I Have W10 TP 9926 installed on a 7 x 64 drive partition with the embedded dual boot option on a 1 TB 7200 rpm Sata III drive 4 core box w/8 GB ram it's been working well for about 3 wks.

    I can access all my W7 media files and Libraries fine and run those and *some applications* from the win 7 partition using shortcuts I made within Win 10 .
    Some other programs that wouldn't run across the drive partitions ofc got installed here in W10 .

    I did have to re install W 10 (9926 ) once early on (2nd day) a sound card driver update I tried hosed it (stupidly I might add it was working fine I should have known better ) I used the previous drivers it's been mostly fine.

    Once in a while it won't see the Keyboard in the Chrome browser when you open Chrome , a reboot takes care of that . I'm still trying to figure that one out maybe the next build will fix it ?

    Re installing Chrome didn't change anything nothing at Google about that either, fortunately its only an occasional minor annoyance.

    I am using Chrome x32 for the default browser ,for some reason Chrome x64 is not as stable and hangs now and then on this build least for me and also has the keyboard issue .

    Not too many bugs aside from an occasional non specific Modern UI application hang , failure to load or crash right away and the Google thing . No BSOD or anything like that egregious or persistent critical errors in the event log either .

    The more persistent bugs here are the above on the modern UI side and the Chrome thing . Re opening the offending Modern UI app when it faults fixes it far pretty decent all in all .

    I did a couple of hacks to bring the W 7 style blue control panel icon back and pin it to the task bar and also bring a god mode shortcut and icon to the desktop and replace the missing win update icon in control panel .
    Also did the about flag thing in IE and changed a setting that enables the Spartan rendering engine .it's decently fast .

    I also made restart and shut down buttons and ODD open/ close buttons for the desktop all with the appropriate icons of course ☺.

    Ultimately when W10 final comes out I can see a ~ 250 GB SSD with W10 and *some frequently used programs and data files* and the rest + media on metal on the daily driver . It's still Monday here (PST.) or
    - 8.00 GMT .
    Maybe like Kari says ,Tue ~ 12 noon for the new build ☺ ? ☺
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    Hi there.

    I tend to agree with the comments in the article that it's getting increasingly hard to keep using a LOCAL ACCOUNT. Ms should remember that a lot of people DO NOT WANT an MS account nor do they want to have ONEDRIVE . Fine if people want to use these "Features" but it should be optional.

    I have some Engineering machines for example that are STAND ALONE systems - never connected to the internet so don't need any of the Store / Ms type of "Metro" apps. It's still possible to use a Local account but each release seems to hide the fact more anf more.

    The other irritation is that if you DO switch to a Ms account then you can't use the same user name - for example if your local user is FRED then you can't use this name again if you switch to an Ms account. !!!!

    That said I'm quite happy with W10 so far - especially with the decent compatibility - nothing fails so far that I've had on W7.

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    jimbo45 said:
    I have some Engineering machines for example that are STAND ALONE systems - never connected to the internet so don't need any of the Store / Ms type of "Metro" apps. It's still possible to use a Local account but each release seems to hide the fact more anf more.
    OK, I agree it is not written in a bright red warning box middle of the screen with a 72 pixel font, but the possibility to set up Windows 8 and later with a local user account is present very clearly and is well documented. Worth to notice too for all "cloud phobics" is that in doing so, using a local account and not connecting to any cloud storage sites the user gets as cloud free Windows as possible.

    Had one of my sleepless nights last week, posted this in a thread at Seven Forums:

    Kari said:
    A boring night in my insomniac life, the results here. No script, no preparing, the speech is often interrupted for me to find right words. Anyway, here's how to set up a cloud free Windows 10:

    • 00:15 - 06:15 Set up a Cloud Free Windows 10
    • 06:15 - 10:25 Bing & Cortana integration in Windows 10 Taskbar Search
    • 10:25 - 14:40 General thoughts about Cloud

    warning   Warning
    Mandatory health warning:

    This video contains hard, monotonic and strong Scandinavian accented English which might cause severe psychological trauma. In case of emergency consult your local bartender for help.

    jimbo45 said:
    The other irritation is that if you DO switch to a Ms account then you can't use the same user name - for example if your local user is FRED then you can't use this name again if you switch to an Ms account. !!!!
    Of course you cannot have two user profiles with the same name if creating a new MS Account for the same user that already has a local account, but if your local user account is Jimbo and you convert it to an MS Account, your user profile and its profile folder folder remains named Jimbo. You can even use both usernames to remotely log in to Windows, either or Computername\Jimbo.

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    The main peculiarity I find with 9926 running in VMWare Player is I cannot size the window. After a second or so it maximizes. It's either full screen or maxed. Unity is not smooth so it's not an option. The way to copy files from host to guest is right click copy with the guest minimized, then restore guest and paste. No drag and drop.

    I hope the next build doesn't have this quirk. btw VMWare Player upgraded to 7.10 but W10 still does the maximize by itself bit. Perhaps it is related to the weird snap behavior noted earlier.
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  10. whs
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    Windows 7

    This would be so simple - the local account should be default and the MS account an option. Same with OneDrive. No OneDrive is default. I bet 90% of the Windows desktop users could live with that.

    But what we are subjected to is "strategy". They are pushing this down our throat whether we like it or not.
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