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    Windows 10

    Slartybart said:
    I could not snap windows to edges either. I looked through the Preview Feedback and found one that gave a workaround.

    You're on the right track - Performance Options -> Visual effects
    I followed the suggested workaround and set it to "let windows decide"
    Snap left and Right worked after that.
    Then I clicked Custom and unticked things a few at a time - Snap to edges still works
    Here's the minimal visual effects I'm running - Snap left/right work

    (I haven't played with vertical / multiple snaps because left and right weren't working - that and the mouse control isn't all that easy - that and I'm not sure if it's on the Immersive side or the Desktop side- I'll post an update in a bit)
    "Show window contents while dragging" seems to be the key to 'Snapping' or not.
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    Win_8.1-Pro, Win_10.1607-Pro, Mint_17.3

    SFC errors on my machine - all were could not decompress errors. Don't worry about those errors.

    topgundcp said:
    No apology needed. The only thing I can think of is I have a corrupted Installation ISO since I re-installed it without any third party software installed and immediately I ran DISM & SFC then got corruption.
    The install media is most likely fine. Certain components will be out of sync or locked out during the preview. I pretty sure this is by design.

    Have you sent feedback to MS? I have not (I forgot that one - thanks for reminding me).
    It's fine if more than one person gives the same feedback, I usually look through the list and add "Me Too" if I find a matching description.
    Last edited by Slartybart; 31 Oct 2014 at 13:27. Reason: 1st sentence - short description
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    Win_8.1-Pro, Win_10.1607-Pro, Mint_17.3

    Kari said:
    You forgot this obvious place:(Image might look odd, Taskbar at left, Start button top left.)
    Only works if you have Start Menu enabled
    Niether the User icon on the Desktop or the Start Screen have the Switch User menu pick

    The other expected locations, as DavidE pointed out are not there.

    Preview Feedback=Yes.
    Suggested known locations of Switch User is retained for backward compatibility and ease of use
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    Windows 10

    topgundcp said:
    Don't know what they are for but not only the externals are displayed. I've noticed if your internal HD/SSD having more than 1 partitions, they will also appear in the pane. See screen shot: disk 2 & 3 having a single partition and they don't appear in the pane, the rest will.

    Attachment 6865
    I've got two links to the same drive in the navigation pane but the path in the address bar is different.

    Windows 10 bugs-1.png
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    Win_8.1-Pro, Win_10.1607-Pro, Mint_17.3

    Edwin said:
    "Show window contents while dragging" seems to be the key to 'Snapping' or not.
    See my screen shot (quoted in your post) - that option is not set and Desktop snap works.
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    Windows 10

    Slartybart said:
    See my screen shot (quoted in your post) - that option is not set and Desktop snap works.
    Yeah, weird; didn't work for me though.
    Gonna try the process of elimination again! :)
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    Win_8.1-Pro, Win_10.1607-Pro, Mint_17.3

    Edwin said:
    Yeah, weird; didn't work for me though.
    Gonna try the process of elimination again! :)
    Did you pick Let Windows Decide or Best appearance first - apply and test?

    Then whittle down - that's how I ended up with the ones I posted in the screen shot - but .... they were the same custom ones I had before selecting let windows decide ....

    I spoke too soon.
    The snap worked until I shut the VM down and came back to it later.
    When I started the VM and logged on - snap did NOT work until I set visuals to Let Windows decide.
    I'll shut down and see if it sticks, then I'll try whittling down the visual options again with VM shutdown in between

    Let Windows decide visual options
    untick the top few and restarted the VM
    Snap stuck
    Unitick all but the ones in my previous screen shot
    no snap
    ticked two suspects and snap worked
    restarted the VM
    Snap still worked
    unticked show Windows Content while dragging and snap stopped working
    ticked it back on - snap worked - restarted - snap worked
    but.... the windows don't minimize to the previous size - they keep the snap size
    I can manually resize them but they don't snap back after snapping.

    Windows 10 bugs-snap-performopts-b.png
    Who knows by Wednesday I might not have snap anymore - I'll start playing with the vertical snap while the horizontal is working.
    Last edited by Slartybart; 12 Oct 2014 at 22:06. Reason: spoke too soon - snap did NOT stick after VM shutdown
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    Windows 10

    @ noelbeth55:
    Check out these possible solutions carefully:
    (there's a description and explanation for each)

    Collection of Best Registry Tweaks to Speed Up Your Windows - AskVG

    Could be a hung app or service.
    Last edited by Edwin; 12 Oct 2014 at 15:29.
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    Windows 10 Fast Ring

    DavidE said:
    Not a bug, but one thing I've noticed is Notification Area icons take up more space on the taskbar than previous Windows versions.
    There is more blank space between the icons.
    Mine looks exactly the same. Try fooling with the width of the taskbar. Just a scootch bigger than the default size will increase the width of the icons from the edge but not the spacing in between. Did you change your display size settings?

    Windows 10 bugs-2014-10-12_180927.jpg

    Windows 10 bugs-2014-10-12_180830.jpg
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    windows 10

    I did not see this, Picture log on is not working for me, same problem as some with 8 and 8.1

    Enrollment failure

    I have the password, PIN and fingerprint working but not the picture
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