Windows 10: Clean Install - Nothing but problems Solved

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    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
       02 Sep 2015 #1

    Clean Install - Nothing but problems

    I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and decided to do a clean install afterwards. The install took three days of messing about, trying discs and USB stick method etc. but finally worked only after I disabled the network card in BIOS.
    Since the install worked I've been plagued by problems. Here are just a few of them:

    i. Windows Update takes 20-25 minutes to scan
    ii. Windows Media Player opens but with a white screen and blue scrolling circle forever
    iii. On startup I have no network connection for approximately 5 minutes (yellow triangle on network symbol)
    iv. Restart can take 10 minutes or more
    v. Random software issues (eg Garmin Express gives me splash screen only and hangs)
    vi. Sometimes when opening apps, the icon on the taskbar has the line under it indicating it is open but nothing happens - Hovering the cursor on the icon reveals a small black rectangle
    vii. iTunes can take minutes to open

    This is just a selection of the random problems I'm experiencing. My system specs are :

    Motherboard : Asus P8P67
    Main hard drive : Intel 120Gb SSD

    Any help much appreciated. I've tried safe mode and clean boot but the problems remain.

    Many thanks,
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    Where did you get your install media and how did you create your install media?
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       02 Sep 2015 #3

    Hello and thanks for the speedy response. I downloaded from Microsoft and used the media creation tool.
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    Ok, just wanted to verify that you had official install media. If you had obtained it somewhere else, like say bit torrent, it could explain all the issues your having. Your likely not going to like what I'm about to say but with all the issues your having, I'd start over and do another clean install. Backup anything you don't want to lose and delete all the partitions on your hard drive. Then let Windows create all the required ones automatically. If you don't want to do that I would do a Reset.
    Reset Windows 10
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    Hi ymisid,

    I would also start again by re-downloading the USB ISO of Win 10. It might be the install media that has downloaded with some corrupt files. I would definitely start again as suggested - otherwise you are going to be faced with endless troubles. Reinstall Windows using the guides in this forum on a clean partition.

    After that don't rush into installing all your apps, just the important drivers - basically just graphics and chipset. Download from the web by visiting you MB supplier website - do not use your motherboard CD - probably won't have drivers fully compatible with Windows 10. Then monitor your pc for a while before moving onto loading all your programs.

    I had similar challenges with the USB ISO clean install. Eventually coughed up for a DVD version and all is fine.
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    Maybe even try a different thumb drive in case the one your using has issues. They do go bad from time to time. I had a 8 gig thumb drive that had a few bad cells on it. It would be fine until you tried to put more than 4 gigs of data on it. Then weird things would happen. I chucked it into the circular file cabinet.
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       03 Sep 2015 #7

    Guys - really appreciate the advice, thanks. I'm reluctant to try a clean install because it literally took me three days to install Windows 10. I made several DVDs and tried a 32Gb good quality USB stick.
    Windows just wouldn't install. It would often hang for hours and not even get to the screen where you choose a disc and partition etc. to install on. In the end, after reading online, I tried disabling the network card and eventually it did install.
    I could well be wrong, but I think this failing to clean install is related to the problems I'm having now. I'm wondering if there's a compatibility issue somewhere? The problems really are random in nature. Just this morning the ability to scroll my Logitech mouse has gone and, when I open the Logitech software, the tab for adjusting mouse settings has disappeared. Also, yesterday morning the computer clock had lost about five minutes but is back in sync today.
    For info, after installing and getting problems, I contacted Asus who advised that the motherboard wasn't compatible with Windows 10. Could this be the cause of the problems or do they just mean it isn't supported?
    I have windows and programs on an Intel 120Gb SSD and two spinning discs in a RAID running as one disk so, if a clean install would work, it's not going to cause too much trouble.
    Thanks again,
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    With all those issues, especially the ones dealing with installing Windows, it makes you wonder if there is a hardware issue. Bad RAM, or hard drive maybe? The not compatible with Windows 10 comment from ASUS likely just means they haven't added Windows 10 drivers etc for that model. I'm running an ASUS M4N68T-M V2, and M2N68-AM SE2 here on Windows 10 with no issues. There are next to no Windows 8.1 drivers for those listed on ASUS, let alone Windows 10 drivers. If your Motherboard required a BIOS update to be compatible with Windows 10 you would think they would have mentioned it? That's about the only thing I can thing of.
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       03 Sep 2015 #9

    Microsoft list the motherboard as compatible so maybe that's a good start. I opened Garmin Express and left the splash screen - it actually opened the program after 15 minutes.
    What can a computer be doing in that time that a program will still open after 15 minutes? All the while I was using Internet Explorer and Outlook etc. with no problems.
    This is so weird...
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    Does sound like a hardware issue. If you did not have the issue before installing Win 10, then it is more likely to be missing/outdated drivers for that hardware, not physical hardware failure. It could come back to your Motherboard. Does your Device manager show a clean list, or are there any 'flags' pointing towards possible hardware issues? What chipset drivers did you install, and SATA drivers? If you used the original motherboard driver CD that came with your board, you can expect issues. If Asus do not currently support your m/board for Win 10, try looking at their drivers for Win 8.1
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