PC Display & Sleep Wake Problems

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    I'd rule out your GPU, since you state you had problems with the old and the new one. Probably the monitor has issues with low power states mandated from the connection ports. Have you tried another one? Maybe someone can lend you one or there is a spare one to test with.

    Also I'm with @joeandmarg0, if that's a 250W PSU, probably by the workload is dying, and has problems resuming from low power states and delivering power. Would also see if a spare PSU it's at hand to rule out possible problems with it.
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    Hi Zbook & FerchogtX,

    I ran the Windows hardware diagnostics and tried the component tests for the Nvidia GPU. Of the tests it listed only the Media Stress Tool was available for the Nvidia GPU and it ran with no problems. I looked around for Nvidia Optimus and found no reference to it anywhere. I briefly ran the FurMark stress test. In maybe 15 sec. the temperature raced up to ~110F & then stalled there. It appeared that the GPU was being throttled at 110F. The screen image looked fine the whole time.

    Re the PSU the one I have is less than a year old and I'm reluctant to buy a new one based on a long shot. I'll see if I can find another monitor to try.

    It seems that none of the tests have shown any problems that would indicate the source of the problem. Do you agree?

    If that's true then I think I should bide my time and see what happens. Diagnosing this has taken more of my time than I expected and it seems like I've reached the point of diminishing returns. If the problems continue to be infrequent that's tolerable and I'll live with it. If they become more frequent I'll look into them further and decide what to do at that time.

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    The cause of the intermittent failures is the too low powered PSU attempting to provide enough power and the resulting power spikes giving the failures.
    The nvidea gtx 1050 ti has a minimum system requirement of 300w,plus the HDD and photo editing software power needs and the problems are guaranteed.
    It might help to reduce the power requirements to the minimum by going to Task Manager >Startup tab and disabling all third party programmes and only having Win 10 run automatically.
    Whether or not the 250w PSU can be replaced because of the peculiar build size can best be determined by you.Whoever made the PSU is better placed than I to answer that.
    A 250w PSU for a desktop pc is puzzling.
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    To try to understand the load on the PSU at when the problem has occurred I ran some tests. To be able to read the GPU temperature at any time (even while booting or running tests that use the whole screen) I opened the case and used a Fluke IR thermometer to read the temperature of the GPU. I couldn't view the GPU case directly but I focused on the other side of the circuit board where it's mounted. To test the accuracy of this method I compared the reading from the IR thermometer with the GPU temperature displayed in the Task Manager. I was surprised to see that they agreed to within 1 degree of accuracy which is much better than I expected.

    I ran tests of the GPU temperature during waking from sleep and photo processing. The sleep wake test started at 84F, peaked at 86F, and within 3 min. dropped back to 84F. The photo processing test started at 83F, peaked at 129F, and stayed there until I ended the test. No errors occurred during any of the tests.

    This suggests to me that the PSU is not the problem. I can run the GPU for long periods at 129F with no errors. Meanwhile when I wake from sleep, the situation where the problems occurred, the temperature only rises 2F. If the PSU can support raising the GPU temperature by 46F for long periods with no problems then it's hard to see why it would have a problem when the GPU is heated only 2F for less than 3 min.

    Re replacing the PSU, the case and PSU are proprietary HP parts. As far as I can tell (and I spent a long time looking) there's no way to install a more powerful PSU. If I can't get this setup to work reliably than I'll replace it with a custom box with a much bigger PSU and a more powerful GPU.
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