I need a script to SILENTLY install winget

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    Windows 7

    winget doesn't support any download-only options. But winget packages are provided from the winget repository, or Windows Store.

    - For Windows Store apps, you can use Microsoft Store - Generation Project (v1.2.3) [by @RGAdguard & mkuba50] to download Appx and MSIX packages for most free apps if you know their Product ID names, or the URL from Windows Store's website.

    - For winget repository, you can search the app manifests on Github:
    winget-pkgs/manifests at master . microsoft/winget-pkgs . GitHub

    Each of the manifests contains a direct download URL from the app's publisher. For example, let's take Adobe Reader's installer YAML file:
    # Created using wingetcreate
    # yaml-language-server: $schema=https://aka.ms/winget-manifest.installer.1.4.0.schema.json
    PackageIdentifier: Adobe.Acrobat.Reader.64-bit
    PackageVersion: 23.003.20215
    Scope: machine
    - interactive
    - silent
    - silentWithProgress
      Silent: /sAll /rs /rps /l /re
      SilentWithProgress: /sAll /rs /rps /l /re
    UpgradeBehavior: install
    - pdf
    - pdfa
    - pdfx
    - xfx
    - DisplayName: Adobe Acrobat DC (64-bit)
      Publisher: Adobe
      ProductCode: '{AC76BA86-1033-FF00-7760-BC15014EA700}'
      InstallerType: msi
    - Architecture: x64
      InstallerType: exe
      InstallerUrl: https://ardownload2.adobe.com/pub/adobe/acrobat/win/AcrobatDC/2300320215/AcroRdrDCx642300320215_MUI.exe
      InstallerSha256: 8A704F83CDC984ACF4AC0C948BDC4FBC5E2CB7C4F5183C8223327A9061BB356F
      ProductCode: '{AC76BA86-1033-FF00-7760-BC15014EA700}'
    ManifestType: installer
    ManifestVersion: 1.4.0

    As you can see, there's nothing special. Everyone else has the same public access to the installer; winget's value is combining both repo and Windows Store sources into a single easy to use package manager.
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    Windows 11

    This might be too late to be useful for you but posting this anyway in case anyone else stumbles on this thread.

    Here's a script that I was able to get working. It grabs the latest Winget appx package from Microsoft's github repo directly. Hope it helps!

    # Check if WinGet is installed; download WinGet if not.
    $wingetPath = "C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.DesktopAppInstaller_*_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe"
    if ($Null -eq (Resolve-Path @($wingetPath))) {
        Write-Host "installing WinGet..."
        $latestWingetMsixBundleUri = $(Invoke-RestMethod https://api.github.com/repos/microsoft/winget-cli/releases/latest).assets.browser_download_url | Where-Object {$_.EndsWith(".msixbundle")}
        $latestWingetMsixBundle = $latestWingetMsixBundleUri.Split("/")[-1]
        Write-Information "Downloading winget to artifacts directory..."
        Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $latestWingetMsixBundleUri -OutFile "./$latestWingetMsixBundle"
        Invoke-WebRequest -Uri https://aka.ms/Microsoft.VCLibs.x64.14.00.Desktop.appx -OutFile Microsoft.VCLibs.x64.14.00.Desktop.appx
        Start-Job -Name InstallVCLib -ScriptBlock { Add-AppxPackage Microsoft.VCLibs.x64.14.00.Desktop.appx }
        Wait-Job -Name InstallVCLib
        Start-Job -Name InstallWinGet -ScriptBlock { Add-AppxPackage $latestWingetMsixBundle }
        Wait-Job -Name InstallWinGet
        if ($Null -eq (Resolve-Path @($wingetPath))) {
            Write-Error "Unable to detect WinGet after install. Halting installation. $($_.Exception.Message)"
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    Windows 10 LTSC

    Some minutes ago I've made a ps1 script to install winget and dependencies to my windows LTSC x86 I have now in an old notebook. Then I searched for a similar script and I found this forum thread.
    I need to try in a new installed system because in this one I made command after command with powershell and it worked.
    These are the lines of the script:

    Add-AppxPackage Microsoft.VCLibs.x86.14.00.Desktop.appx
    Add-AppxPackage Microsoft.UI.Xaml.2.7.appx
    Add-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online -PackagePath .\Microsoft.DesktopAppInstaller_8wekyb3d8bbwe.msixbundle -LicensePath .\24146eb205d040e69ef2d92d7034d97f_License1.xml -Verbose
    I want to integrate Winget installation in my LTSC installation media somehow, and the first problem I find is that I can't elevate permissions with a cmd line to allow Powershell scripts. I hope I'll find a solution.
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    Windows 7

    PS command-line to run an elevated PS script, w/o modifying the current Execution Policy:
    powershell "Start-Process powershell -Verb Runas -ArgumentList '-NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -file C:\path\script.ps1'"
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