Download folder no longer located in This PC

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  1. CBW
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    win 10

    Download folder no longer located in This PC

    I have a HP desktop running Win 10. I do not like anything to be stored in the cloud, so recently I created a Downloads folder on my desktop and attempted to direct the computer to place all future downloads into it.
    At first I was successful - I had 2 Download folders - one on my desktop and another on This PC, both with a blue down arrow on them.
    Today I had to download a document and it was not in the desktop folder. So I checked This PC looking for it, and the Downloads folder is not there.
    I finally found the item in the One Drive Document folder, exactly what I was trying to avoid.
    Question is, how do I restore the Downloads folder back to This PC and how do I get future downloads to go to my desktop instead?
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    Windows 11 Pro 64-bit

    Let me show you how to stop OneDrive sync in the Windows operating system.

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    Windows 11 Pro 64 Bit 22H2

    After stopping sync, then change the Downloads folder Location Move Location of Downloads Folder in Windows 10
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  4. CBW
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    Thank you Spunk, but unfortunately, the link you provided did not help. It said, if the Downloads folder was not in This PC to open File Explorer and type shell: Downloads, but when I did that, I got this:
    Download folder no longer located in This PC-downloads-spunk.jpg

    The Downloads folder on the Desktop, which was supposed to be a user folder, now appears to be a system folder with the blue down arrow on it, which I did not place there. And when I clicked on Properties of the Desktop's Download folder, there is no Location tab to move it back.
    What I need to do is get my system Downloads folder back into This PC and abandon redirecting future downloads to my Desktop.
    I was considering system restore, but I made this change on May 12 and May 19 is the only date available for me to restore to. There is no option for me to select May 11, for example.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    Your default download folder would usually be C:\Users\UserName\Downloads
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    Windows 11 Pro 64 Bit 22H2

    In the error message shows the path C:\Users\cbwei\Desktop\Downloads\ Browse to that location. Then see if you have Program Downloads in that folder and finally Video Pad
    If you can't find it, Right click the Downloads short cut and choose Properties/Location, Find Target. Once you have found the Download folder, if you want to put it back to the Default location as in Post #5, then Right click the Shortcut, Properties/Location and click Restore Default. It will be back in it's default position, and you can access it in File Explorer on the Left Panel, or you can choose to Move the location to somewhere more convenient to save space from the Location tab.
    The Blue arrow icon is the default Windows Icon for the Downloads Folder.
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  7. CBW
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    win 10
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    Spunk, I was able to maneuver to C:\Users\cbwei\Desktop\Downloads\ Program Downloads\ Video Pad. Then I went back and right clicked on the Downloads folder, but there is no Location tab in Properties.
    It is concerning because it appears that the SYSTEM Downloads folder was actually moved to the Desktop instead of directing future downloads to it. Now I cannot seem to get it back where it belongs.
    Download folder no longer located in This PC-spunk-download-properties.jpg
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    Windows 11 Pro 64 Bit 22H2

    Browse to C:\Users\cbwei\Desktop\Downloads\Program Downloads\Video Pad. If this is your System Download folder, then you can right click it and choose Properties\Location. If not, it is probably Program Downloads.
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  9. CBW
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    win 10
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    Spunk, I did not actually go to C:\Users\cbwei\Desktop\Downloads\Program Downloads\Video Pad. I accidently skipped the Desktop part.
    BUT I did notice something. When I opened "My PC", I saw, on the left pane list of items on This PC, something titled Video Pad with the Downloads arrow icon next to it. No Downloads folder, just Video Pad.
    So I right clicked it and it did have Location so I moved it to the "MY PC Folders" section.
    At first, it was labeled Video Pad, then it changed to Downloads. BUT it is empty.
    Download folder no longer located in This PC-what-pc.jpg
    Meanwhile, Properties of the the Downloads folder on my Desktop says there are 2 folders, but it only shows one, Program Downloads folder. That folder was not there before and is empty. No 2nd folder is shown.

    Would it be possible to go to One Drive Downloads, and copy all the stuff in there to the Downloads folder that is now back in it's correct place? Should I copy the files in my Desktop Downloads folder (which still has the blue arrow icon) into the Downloads folder on My PC and then delete it? Because it still has that System download icon attached to it, I am afraid that if I empty it and delete it, it may affect the one that is back in place, but empty,

    And how can I be sure that my downloads will actually go to the downloads folder that is back on My PC?
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 22H2 Build 19045.4170

    CBW said:
    So I right clicked it and it did have Location so I moved it to the "MY PC Folders" section.
    You cannot do that so please explain exactly what you did do.
    - MY PC Folders does not exist. There is no such location. It is merely something that File explorer displays.
    - The items in MY PC Folders are merely disguised shortcuts to real locations such as C:\Users\%UserName%\Downloads, C:\Users\%UserName%\Desktop, C:\Users\%UserName%\Documents, ...
    - I suggest you stop referring to This PC and only refer to the real locations.
    - I was tempted to join in and explain this when I saw
    CBW said:
    I had 2 Download folders - one on my desktop and another on This PC, both with a blue down arrow on them.
    but I assumed ones of the others would do so. You did not have two Downloads folders. This PC was merely providing you with a disguised shortcut to your actual Downloads folder.

    I suggest you check your user folder locations in the Registry and post them here for assessment.
    1 Open RegEdit,
    2 Paste this into its address bar
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders
    Download folder no longer located in This PC-brandnewuser-usershellfolders.png
    3 On the right-hand side, drag the column dividers around, just as if you were adjusting column widths in File explorer, so that the whole of each entry can be seen.
    4 Take a screenshot & post it here.
    5 You can also export the current settings & post them as a text file here:
    - On the left-hand side, right-click on the User Shell Folders entry itself, select Export,
    - Browse to a real location and save it in .reg format {the option to save as .txt exists but it's useless},
    - When you've done so, go to that folder & add .txt after the existing file extension so you end up with something like MyShellFolders.reg.txt
    - You can post that file here. Doing so will help people refer to specific items without re-typing them and so avoid misleading typos in their posts.
    6 You can now close RegEdit.

    Depending on the results, I might have to ask you to report another Registry key's contents as well.

    Renaming MyShellFolders.reg as MyShellFolders.reg.txt gets you the best output possible.
    - The added .txt stops it being an active file that would write into the Registry.
    - The layout of data in MyShellFolders.reg.txt is the most readable & understandable layout possible
    - You can double-click on MyShellFolders.reg.txt to open it in Notepad because it's now just an innocuous text file.
    - I don't expect you to need this but if you needed to restore the file to be an active file that would write to the Registry then you would merely have to remove the .txt
    - I keep all .reg files that I need to retain in this state whatever.reg.txt so that I cannot accidentally run them [actually, for .reg files, we say "merge" rather than "run".}

    All the best,
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