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    Does anyone, or has anyone here, use to report spam email scammers? I had been using that website recently and had almost completely rid myself of spam coming to one of my email addresses. For all of this past week that website has been down. Does anyone know what happened to the site? Has it been hacked or under some kind of attack by the scammers?
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    Looks like it has been taken down. The author may have run out of money to pay for he domain or just lost interest
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    Spam is virtually nonexistent these days, because of great spam filters with AI detection now and email providers being responsible. So webpages like that are useless. I have public emails like with no spam.
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    Isn't it impossible to send in spam email addresses now-a-days?

    Reason why I say that is because the spam I get is always from a new email address, no matter what.
    They have their email addresses set up like so:


    I will guarantee you I will never EVER get an email again from bargovi4348. It is possible that the next email will be from bargovi43 forty nine, yet never forty eight anymore. It's that annoying. So that's a new email address that is not considered as spam yet.

    Now-a-days, the emails have to be detected with what's written in them, not the email address itself. Spammers will always use a new email address every single time they send out spam.

    So that's one thing to keep in mind. I get so many spam emails. Even important emails end up as a false positive in the Junk folder. Important things in my life end up in the spam folder. I never check that folder anymore; I used to be precise and make sure important stuff is noticed by me, but now I can care less anymore. I'm not going to go through 100+ spam emails every day to see if I got something important that ended up in there. hahahahaha. The way I see it is that i'm.... well... too bad for me. Important things can fly right above my head. Whoosh! hahahaha. Technically, it's pretty sad. But.. maybe things can get much better much sooner!!!
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    I'm not sure what world some of the responders are living in, but spam and scam emails are increasing, not decreasing (Americans are drowning in spam Just a moment...) There may be a few ISPs or email providers that do a good job, but most don't. The spammers are constantly figuring out how to get around the filters. The provider I was having the biggest problem with was able to identify most of the spam and dump it in the spam folder, but they also misidentified a lot of emails as spam (even emails from people on my contact list) that weren't spam. Most spammers use fake email addresses sent from servers not even related to the domain the email appears to come from.

    As far as I know is an organization supported by governments around the world ("official") and they are (or were) able to dig through an email's raw data and determine what server the email had originated from and alert the server's owners that their server was being used for spam or blacklist them if they didn't resolve the issues. In about two weeks of effort in reporting the spammers to my spam emails on the service I was having the issue with went from the 100s a day down to almost 0.
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    I would be more inclined to think this is (was) a site for collecting spam targets, rather than protecting.

    So : report your spammed email address > go on the list > sold!! A $$ making endeavour for the owner.

    A quick whois of the website owner reveals just about every detail is REDACTED FOR PRIVACY which makes it even more suspicious.

    Caveat utilitor.

    Spam protection is better taken up "locally" - on the device, through service provider, etc. Absolute best way to protect yourself from spam ... turn off the device(s), lock them in the cupboard, and never use them again.
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    WayBack Machine. Cool site: - Report Spam

    So I was reading the rules. First report, Second report.

    Remember what I said in my first post? The spam email address is used once, and only once. Hence it doesn't even reach the "Second Report". It would be difficult to block spam, except for if the body of the email uses same patterns of spam that has been recorded somewhere, which I think Hotmail (my email ISP) uses for spam patterns. Still though, it would be nice if Hotmail (Microsoft) can completely block confirmed spam emails from even ever reaching my email address. But I see the advertisement they have which is always listed as a first unread email. I think that signing up for that would want them to block those emails.
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    I use an Oracle product called spamcop on the rare, yes rare occasion I actually get spam.

    Reason why I rarely get a spam e-mail is due to me controlling who gets my e-mail address. I also use more than one address for various things to keep a tight net and watchful eye on where spam might be coming from. So, one of my e-mail addresses is for the bank, Amazon, eBay, PayPal, etc. Another for website signup crap and other e-mail addresses for other purposes. I also use e-mail folders with e-mail filtering to help discern between a fake e-mail sender that may look like my bank or what ever with the real e-mail sender. If the sender e-mail address doesn't match the filter, even if Unicode characters are used in the domain, it will stay in the inbox and not filter to the bank folder, PayPal folder, etc.

    Unicode characters can be used to make a sender e-mail address look just like a PayPal e-mail address or an eBay e-mail address, etc. So using folders with e-mail filters will filter that crap out and it'll stay in the inbox folder instead. Really important too because in this day and age with AI, spam e-mail can be crafted to look even more legit. So your bad English e-mail spam detector is now no more of a reliance like it used to be.

    I also rarely get spam phone calls and texts. Again, it's all about controlling who gets the number. Also, a burner phone with a different number or a Google number helps control the crap. You dish that number out to whoever and use the real number for family. Also, never open a spam text message. Just straight away delete it. Opening a spam text message can and will send a read receipt back to the spammer and now they have free reign to spam you all the more or sell your number out because you confirmed for them someone is at the other end of the phone number. With VoIP and CID spoofing, once you're on the shit list it's a lost battle. I do use an FCC account though to report spam calls if I should ever get one. I did that to a "college" diploma mill that kept calling me many years ago and after about seven FCC reports the crap finally stopped. In some cases the FCC may award you depending on the spammer you reported. And speaking of government agencies and spam... I used to forward spam e-mails to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). But they don't do that anymore and I guess just run a honeypot or something.

    In the U.S. the FCC is the Federal Communications Commission. They are charged with television, radio, and telecommunications oversight. But, being a federal bureaurat entity, they can be a PITA (Pain In The Ass).

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    TairikuOkami said:
    Spam is virtually nonexistent these days, because of great spam filters with AI detection now and email providers being responsible. So webpages like that are useless. I have public emails like with no spam.

    You should refrain from just willy-nilly posting your e-mail address to the public. For one, it links you to everything. It's called metadata, and if a database gets breached (all too common today) your e-mail address will be linked back to it. There are websites like Dehashed that will allow someone to look this stuff up. And data brokers make this job for the hacker opportunist all the more easier. Simply because database breaches are an everyday occurrence. It's not a matter of if but when your data gets exposed. So, practice good OPSEC and never just post your e-mail address to the public (the world) or even your IP address. If you or anyone else thinks I'm being erroneous you're highly mistaken. I know this stuff inside and out...

    Also - - Google Search

    Disney Sets North American Release Date for "The Wind Rises"

    Yes, it's a public e-mail address and name, now isn't?
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    No matter how carefully you guard your email addresses, you're at the mercy of those friends, acquaintances and small operations who don't exercise adopt good practice and send emails TO groups of recipients rather than BCC them. Just one of those recipients has to be compromised and your address is out there in the wild. Happens more often than it should but people get very snippy if you do a Sheldon Cooper and point out the error of their ways.
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