ffs here we go again

I know what a RTC is for and i also know that we use NTP servers for time once the OS initializes.

Yes it is scary if you actually think about what a computer is and where they are going and also if you understand some stuff about the human anatomy and also the reality we are bound by.

You ain't going to come in here and try to school me and also tell my at the same time i am delusional when i am not. We are light beings and computers are targeting that, this screen i am looking at right now is beaming light into my eyeballs at 120hz a second just think about that.

They now want to hook these things up to our brains directly and bypass the eyeball directly and send computer generated information straight to the brain. They say under the guise of something positive so atm its for blind people but there is grounds to take that further and potential into unethical grounds.

The next place they will try to put it is interactive media and gaming. VR is that precursor its in the space already the next step will be implants as to where you can go into the game world physically. Well it will be in you mind but it will feel like its physical.

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just actually think that we can now send information through diodes into someones brain like you really are going to downplay that? The ramifications for being nefarious are exponentially huge. I know when cyborgs become a real world thing i will not be integrating if i am still alive.