Hello! I have recently started using Win+Tab to manage my windows, and i would like to cycle through multiple "fullscreen" windows using Alt+Tab, what i would like to know is: There is a way for me to tell my pc i want a few "important" windows to cycle through and still have other unimportant apps not get picked up by the Alt+Esc shortcut? For example, i have multiple fullscreened games i want to cycle through with Alt+Esc but i do not want Alt+Esc to also pick up my Opera or my Discord apps, but i still want those apps to be shown in the current "Desktop" (mainly because i usually have Opera on my secondary monitor). Sorry if it isn't clear, english is not my first language and i do not know how to better explain the situation. If you need further clarification please ask me, and i will try my best to explain. Thanks!