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NavyLCDR. MACRIUM provides two options. Clone an HDD or image copy. How do I decide which is right for my situation? My situation as I see it: if my internal HDD becomes unusable, I want to use my rescue DVD to direct Win10 to boot from another USB connected HDD where I will have all my software and files stored in a folder. In the beginning, I only plan to store a single backup instance which I will replace once/week. In the event my original HDD can't be salvaged, I want to copy the single backup I have to the replacement internal HDD and return to normal operating mode. I assume you are a USN LCDR either active or retired or veteran. I am a veteran ABH3 ship's co USS Independence 65-68.
I don't know if the solution you want is necessarily even possible. I have not tried booting a partition that was copied from a normal internal HDD to an external USB HDD. At a minimum you would likely need a separate FAT32 partition on the USB HDD that contained the boot files needed to load the Windows partition.

The standard method that most people use for backup and restore is they save an image of the internal HDD to an external storage location. If the internal HDD goes bad, they replace it, and then restore the image saved from the external storage location back to the newly installed blank HDD.

I am an almost retired US Navy LCDR. My terminal leave started last Friday and my last active duty paycheck is Jan 1.