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    Event viewer

    My new PC system is repeatidly crashing. Especially if i try to play a game. If i bring up event vviewer it shows the crashes are caused by Nvidia. Am i right thinking the graphic drivers are the problem or could it be somthing else
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 22H2 Build 19045.4046

    The Nvidia driver might or might not be the problem.
    Windows often blames whatever it can see even though the problem is caused by something else that it cannot see. It's a bit like blaming your broken leg on gravity rather than the parachute that failed to open.
    - You have not told us what was in the Event log [do include Log name, Source & EventID as well as just the description entry in Event viewer's General pane/tab].
    - You can re-install the video driver from the Nvidia website to see if it fixes the problem. It should not do any harm at any rate.

    Best of luck,
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    Not sure if this is what you want

    event4101 display
    Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

    I am very new to windows 10 and event viewer
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 22H2 Build 19045.4046

    I suggest you re-install the video driver.

    I'll add a few words of explanation about Event viewer in a moment. They won't affect the need to reinstall that driver as your first step.

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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 22H2 Build 19045.4046

    A few words about Event viewer

    Whenever you want people to know what you are referring to in Event viewer, you have to provide
    Log name
    Event viewer-unexpected-shutdown-event-log-name-source-eventid.png
    - It is not enough to just state the EventID on its own because many EventIDs are not unique - there might, for example, be an EventID 1 in several logs and several sources.

    People might not be able to help even with that full set of data. Event logs are every poorly documented so, like me, people tend to know only overall aspects of Event log usage together with detailed knowledge of bits & pieces that they happen to have been ripping their hair out about in the past.

    And do bear in mind that the Event logs exist for Windows' benefit not ours.
    - For all us mere mortals know, particular events are logged in order for Windows to check for them & use them to trigger a repeat process which, if successful, does not get logged.
    - Similarly, event log entries might be recorded merely as triggers for other Windows processes to refer to and successful completion of those other processes might well not be reflected in an Event log entry that can be recognised as being related to the first [trigger] entry.

    The existence of an entry in an Event log is not really a sufficient indicator that there is a problem worth using your time & effort to investigate.
    Conversely, if you are investigating a problem for which there are observable fault symptoms, Event logs can provide data that might be helpful.
    I only look in Event logs if I'm investigating something.
    If there's nothing to investigate then I don't look in them at all.

    I use a lot of Event viewer, Custom views so I can go straight to some sets of data that I've had to refer to in the past.
    I also know about importing Custom views because I define a Custom view on one computer then import it to my others just to save a bit of work [and avoid typos].
    I have described importing them in - latest import Custom view ditty - #4 - TenForums

    If you are ever going to try to track down events by time then you can use the existing Custom view, Administrative events [which is a stupid name for 'All events'].
    - You cannot filter that particular Custom view.
    - But you can right-click on it in the left-hand pane, export it, re-import it under a slightly different name and you'll be able to filter that new view. I use the name Administrative events - Filterable just to remind me where it came from.
    - You cannot copy Custom view, Administrative events / Administrative events - Filterable to another computer. Some of its sources are hardware-specific.
    - You can run Event viewer more than once at the same time. If I ever use Administrative events - Filterable then I put the window on the right-hand side of the display then run Event viewer again & put it on the left-hand side to use to browse around things that Administrative events - Filterable identifies without losing my place in that view.

    All the best,

    Oh, and welcome to TenForums.

    It's really worth making time to browse through the Tutorial index - there's a shortcut to it at the top of every page.
    - At the foot of the Tutorial index is a shortcut to download it as a spreadsheet.
    - I download a new copy each month.
    - By downloading it as a spreadsheet I can benefit from Excel's excellent filtering capabilities when I search for topics of interest.
    - Tutorials are also listed by category at Tutorials - there's also a shortcut to that at the top of every page.
    - Both tutorial lists are searchable.
    - You can also search for TenForumsTutorials in many general search engines, such as Google, by adding site:tenforums.com/tutorials after your search term. For example,
    taskbar toolbars site:tenforums.com/tutorials

    You can search TenForums using the search box in the top-right corner of all TenForums webpages or using Advanced Search - TenForums
    - You can also search TenForums threads in many general search engines, such as Google, by adding site:tenforums.com after your search term. For example,
    Search for drivers by HardwareID site:tenforums.com
    - [This is what the search box in the top-right corner of TenForums webpages does automatically]
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    Win10 Home 64-bit, MX-Linux

    "Display driver XXXXXXX has stopped responding ..." means your NVidia display driver has crashed. Ever since Win Vista, Windows has
    had a watchdog process that monitors the display driver operations, and catches such crashes, and restarts the driver software.
    NVidia may eventually issue a fixed driver if MS gets a lot of telemetry data showing these crashes. I used to have a machine with an
    Intel graphics driver that would die at random times. It was 6 months before Intel put out a driver update that fixed that issue.
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    win10 home

    Do the crashes occur when only gaming and if so,have you uninstalled/reinstalled that specific game ?
    In the Search box,start typing in---reliability history---and select it when it appears.
    There should be red flags for the crashes and go to the FIRST one to show,subsequent flags may or may not be secondary events.
    The ---view tech details ---when selected,should give the name of the problem in the first three lines.
    The hardware in your PC might not be powerful enough for newer games.Filling in the specifications would be helpful.
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