I have been trying to help a friend who has just purchased a brand new Acer laptop.

Apparently prior to purchase it was installed with WIN 8.1 but the small shop did a clean install of WIN 10 prior to my friend collecting and paying for the laptop. At the same time a licence for Office 2013 Home and Student was purchased.

I firstly assisted with the download from MS and installation of Office 2013 using the purchased key and all went well.

We had previously backed up all data from her old XP machine to an external hard drive so effectively had two backups. The original XP computer and external hard drive. I initially just copied one important folder from the external hard drive onto the new laptop and that went well. I also pinned to the taskbar a shortcut to Word and Excel and created a shortcut to the web location to her email for ease of access.

Decided to leave it at that for the day and continue when I had some more spare time.

My next task on a subsequent day was to install some anti-virus, install printer drivers and copy the rest of her data over from the external hard drive.

On turning on the laptop I was surprised to find the shortcuts I had pinned to the task bar for Word and Excel had disappeared along with the email desktop shortcut and the one folder I had copied over. No other user had been setup on the machine so was rather puzzled. (Fortunately no disaster because of the two available backups).

Decided next to install the VM F-Secure Safe antivirus etc. and all went well except that the machine which has 8gb RAM slowed down considerably.

I then recreated the taskbar pins for Word and Excel and a desktop shortcut for webmail. Finally copied all the remaining data from the external hard drive.

Assumed all would now be ok but upon re-booting all the data I had just copied over had gone but the folder I copied on day 1 of use had returned.

I am totally baffled about what is going on here. It's almost as if more than one user is being created on the laptop but I haven't done anything to do that. I have been into control panel and it only shows one user as administrator.

Has anyone got any ideas as to what might be going on here. I have not been familiar with either WIN 8 or 8.1 so this is a big learning curve for me but clearly I (or the setup of the machine) has something going on strange with it.

Could it be something to do with the install of Office 2013 and that has created an MS Account? How do I see what accounts exist on the laptop and what are local and what are MS?

Any hep much appreciated.