Program Fails to Maximize After Minimizing to Taskbar!?

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    Dual Boot: Windows 10 Pro (x64) Build 22H2) / Windows 7 Pro x64 SP1

    Program Fails to Maximize After Minimizing to Taskbar!?

    Running Windows 10 Professional (x64) Build 19043.928 (21H1) and running Topaz Video AI v3.1.4.

    I've asked this question at Topaz community recently but have had no response (yet). I suspect this may be more a system issue rather than an issue with the program (Topaz Video AI), and I might not get any (useful) responses at that community.

    When running Topaz Video AI v3.1.4 and it is processing a video clip, I can minimize this program to the taskbar, and then successfully maximize the program later. But after minimizing the program again, the program now doesn't maximize anymore!? I've searched on the internet for solutions to this issue, but despite trying numerous possible solutions by using keyboard and/or mouse input combinations, Topaz Video AI fails to maximize again!?

    Also, the only way to close/stop this program from running is to end it's task via Task Manager!

    I have run SFC to check for system file issues, and I have also run Malwarebytes to check for any malware, but both didn't report anything of concern!

    All other programs tested seem to minimize and maximize without issue.

    Maybe some quirk or bug of Topaz Video AI program? Maybe this program is not fully compatible with my OS (despite supposedly being compatible with Windows 10 64 bit)?

    Solutions, please?
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Unfortunately I can't think that you're likely to get an O/S based solution to what seems to be a 3rd party program-specific issue.

    It looks like something with a limited audience, and I doubt anyone's going to try installing it to try this out..

    I did find this which might help in Autohotkey (free well-supported scripting tool) - see note at bottom (Remarks):
    Program Fails to Maximize After Minimizing to Taskbar!?-1.jpg
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    Dual Boot: Windows 10 Pro (x64) Build 22H2) / Windows 7 Pro x64 SP1
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I haven't looked into this ÄutoHotKey" software as yet, but will do so later.

    Found another program which fails to maximize after minimizing for the second time! This time it is Hitpaw AI Video Enhancer v1.3.0.

    So this suggests that these two programs which fail to maximize (after minimizing for the second time) might be somehow incompatible with my system, or maybe both programs are bugged in some way, or maybe there is an issue with my system?

    Whatever the reason(s) for failing to maximize, I would like to have a resolution to this issue so that these (and any other similar) programs maximize normally when clicking on their taskbar icons.

    Further comments?
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    None I'm afraid, as I don't have these programs to try... as said, seems most likely to be program-specific on the basis of your experience. Nor do I recall anything similar reported.
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    Dual Boot: Windows 10 Pro (x64) Build 22H2) / Windows 7 Pro x64 SP1
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    OK. On further extensive internet searches for solutions, I found two solutions (so far).

    One (temporary) solution is to set "Cascaded Windows" option under Taskbar options. This allows the two problem programs to be maximized any number of times during computer on sessions. For each time computer is started or restarted, the Cascaded Windows option has to be re-enabled for each session.

    The other (apparently) permanent solution is to set for each of the problem programs - select from problem program icon > Properties/Compatibility/Change high DPI settings - enable "Override high DPI scaling behaviour" and "Scaling performed by:" set to System (Enhanced).

    This then allows the problem programs to be maximized any number of times indefinitely. Not quite sure what this DPI setting does? I think this has something to do with varying display resolutions between the computer display setting and the problem program display resolution now being able to work together somehow(?)

    So for the moment, both problem programs now maximize without issue by using the second solution (DPI fix).
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Thanks for letting the forum know.

    A little on those settings here- possibly more via the links cited:
    Change Compatibility Mode Settings for Apps in Windows 10
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    Dual Boot: Windows 10 Pro (x64) Build 22H2) / Windows 7 Pro x64 SP1
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    dalchina said:
    Thanks for letting the forum know.

    A little on those settings here- possibly more via the links cited:
    Change Compatibility Mode Settings for Apps in Windows 10
    Thanks for the detailed links! I had a brief look at all of this, but I thought the issue with failing to restore (/maximize) had been basically resolved, so I didn't pursue this issue any further, until now!

    It seems I'm having the same issue with the program (Topaz Video Enhance AI v3.1.6, this time) failing to restore after minimizing to the taskbar! Despite setting the DPI modes under program compatibility as outlined previously, the program is not always restoring!?

    On experimentation, I found that the program usually starts with a slightly smaller than monitor screen size window. So the program window could be maximized if required. Now, if I minimize the program window (from the program's default window/screen size) to the taskbar and then click on the program icon on the taskbar, the program usually restores to its original start up screen size. But If I maximize the program window before minimizing to the taskbar, then the program might fail to restore when clicking on the programs icon in the taskbar!?

    So it appears there is still an issue with restoration with this (and some other programs) from the taskbar!

    Currently looking into this issue further.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    I'm wondering if it's your video display settings, possible GPU driver issue and the likes. Check into those. Also, type in Dxdiag in Windows search. In each tab in dxdiag see if there are any problem devices. Have you looked at your Event Viewer recently? Specifically the System and Application logs.

    Another possibility is that something is hooked in Explorer causing this. To check that out run Autoruns and under the Explorer tab uncheck all the right click context menu crap. Malwarebytes might be one if you can right click a file and scan with malwarebytes.

    Further analysis to this issue can be achieved with Process Hacker (My personal Fav) or Process Explorer and the aforementioned Autoruns.

    Overview - Process Hacker <--- This will show up as a false positive virus. May need excluding...
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    Dual Boot: Windows 10 Pro (x64) Build 22H2) / Windows 7 Pro x64 SP1
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    Thanks for the comments and suggestions.

    I suspect the issue is to do with the display resolution not being compatible with the program(s) native resolution(s). But the current display settings I prefer to leave as it is, and would not really wish to change the display resolution just to accommodate a couple of programs so that they restore properly after being minimized. All other programs I have restore without issue anyway.

    Ran dxdiag with no issues found.

    Via the Event Viewer, the system log reported occasional warnings and errors about DistributedCOM which I think has nothing to do with the restoration of programs issues(?) Otherwise there were nothing of concern noted. The application log reported that Topaz Video AI 3.1.6 caused occasional errors with the notification Application Hang.

    Autoruns and Process Hacker have yet to be run.

    I did a full Malwarebytes scan recently with no real issues found. But to be certain I got Malwarebytes to scan through the Topaz program installation folder again with no issues found.

    I also ran SFC /scannow again very recently with no issues found.

    In the meantime I have also checked Disable full screen optimizations under the Compatibility tab of Topaz Properties message/dialog box. So far I have had no further issues with restoring Topaz v3.1.6 from the Taskbar, but we'll see what happens in the long term.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Topaz Video Enhance AI v3.1.6 failed to restore after being minimized to the taskbar and after waking my computer up from sleep mode after several hours of sleep! So this issue is still not quite resolved.

    As a test, I successfully minimized the program to the taskbar and restored the program quite a few times last night. I did a similar test just a few minutes ago after restarting my computer and the program successfully restored after quite a number of tests.

    Checked the system Event Viewer logs for errors related to the program, but this time there was no entry for the latest failure to restore!?

    Ran Autoruns and Process Hacker, but I don't really know what I'm looking for within these applications? Nothing really obvious (to me) such as malware was not noticed within these two applications.

    Now what?
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Perhaps the only way to begin to find out what is happening with this particular program would be to
    a. Clean install Win 10 on a spare disk
    b. Install the program
    c. See if there are any problems restoring

    If there aren't, then you know it's something related to your current configuration
    - settings, installed programs...
    You can then try to slowly replicate what you have now to find out what causes this.

    If there are, you have much more limited things to play with e.g. screen resolution, video driver etc.
    You then also know it's nothing to do with other installed 3rd party programs (so Autoruns is probably irrelevant).
    If the program isn't actually crashing you shouldn't expect anything to be reported in event viewer or Reliability History.

    Autoruns isn't an analytical program. It simply gives access to all manner of startups and shell extensions, allowing you to view and disable them. In this context you could try to disable startups and shell extensions in the hope of finding something that conflicts with this particular program.

    Bottom line: there's some weakness in this program. You won't be able to 'fix' it, merely hope you can find a workaround.
    If you search tenforums for threads relating to this program, you will find some 20-30 references. A few seem to refer to problems with it.

    You could spend (waste?) a great deal of time doing this.
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