Spacebar, Letters N and B and Arrow Keys Sometimes Not Working?  

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    Spacebar, Letters N and B and Arrow Keys Sometimes Not Working?

    I use an external wired keyboard with my laptop which is connected to 2 external monitors. I recently went to lock my computer. Then I typed in my windows pin/password wrong multiple times. I had no idea how this happened. Now because of that, I had to restart my laptop. I could click on restart laptop and then restarted it.

    After this, I am on my bitlocker pin page. It showed incorrect bitlocker pin and I was confused why. Then I decided to type my bitlocker pin on the laptop keyboard and it worked. Then when it went to the windows log in screen where you have to enter your windows pin/password, I notice it didn't work with the keyboard. Then when typing it on laptop keyboard it worked. I then noticed several keys did not work. It is the spacebar, n and b keys and also some of the arrow keys. The up arrow key worked for some reason. I then pressed it many times and it didn't work. Then a bit later, it worked. Are these buttons stuck or something? Now my wired keyboard... is very old and dirty. There is literally dirt and trash inside the keys in the keyboard. The thing is I find this keyboard very comfortable so that is why I still use it. It is from an old dell xps 8100 desktop from over a decade ago and this keyboard is comfortable.

    Now at the moment, the keys do work. But if it doesn't work again, is this 100% the external keyboard if my laptop keys work without any issue? Is it possible because I entered my windows password wrong many times, this occurred? However, I think that isn't the case since when trying to enter my windows pin/password when computer is locked, those keys already didn't work? The pin/password does contain either the b or n letter etc. This is certainly not a driver issue then again and it has to be the external keyboard? Is there a way to clean it or remove all the dirt and trash from it? I did wipe it with alcohol and tissue but you can't get into the dirty inside. It is literally like trash and dirty inside the keyboard.

    - - - Updated - - -

    So as of now, those buttons sometimes doesn't work. I have lot of dirt, inside the keyboard but it has been like that for a long time though. So is this a stuck key or something else?

    Dell keyboard from old dell xps 8100 desktop from back then.

    Dell SK 8165 is the keyboard.

    There is everything you can imagine inside the keys.

    The thing is i don't want to risk damaging the keyboard as i cannot buy another english keyboard here. Also want keyboard like this.

    As of now, the letters b, n, diagonal, arrow keys do not work.

    So me posting a picture of my keyboard you can give me the best advice here? Thing is if i was in us now, i can buy another one but can't here so sort of don't want to risk damaging the other keys.

    Any point in this below? Or is this the specific keys?

    Run DISM and SFC if have not done so.

    Check in Device Manager as to what Driver is being used for it. If it is a windows Driver from 2006 then that is possible issue as if taking Drivers from Windows Update it has replaced


    A common cure for keyboard and mice issues is to delete the driver in Device Manager and to reboot. It will be recreated at start up
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    You can buy keyboards for about 3, its not worth your time messing with it.
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    I can't buy an english keyboard where i am located now.

    But this is for sure the external keyboard?
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    The way that I am analyzing this is that since the "b" & "n" letters are right next to each other, implies the high possibility that something liquid spilled in to that part of the keyboard, and the same thing with your arrow keys, since they are all next to each other as well.

    That's the only conclusion that I am reaching by reading your post...

    Is it possible to buy a keyboard online to get it shipped to you. Does your location accept package drop-offs?

    or even better, I just noticed:
    1) Go to
    2) Search for: computer keyboard
    3) Press Local & Check that box
    Spacebar, Letters N and B and Arrow Keys Sometimes Not Working?-image.png
    4a) Maybe somebody near you is selling a keyboard you can try out. You can maybe go to that person's location, ask them for the very kind possibility if you can "temporarily" buy the keyboard so you can check if it works with your computer, and you can try those letters and arrow keys on the keyboard, and if they work, then we know that your current keyboard is messed up, and if you like the "temporary" keyboard, you can maybe keep it. Just some ideas. Check it out.

    4b) Also, if your location accepts package drop-offs, you can buy a keyboard with free returns, and try it out. You get the idea.
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    So the buttons that do not work are

    left, down and right arrow keys

    Also I connected the external keyboard to another chromebook and sames issues.

    So this has to be the external keyboard then right?
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    "another chromebook"

    Is your computer a Chromebook as well?
    If you have a Chromebook, and this happened on another Chromebook as well, then there may be a small possibility that both Chromebooks have a certain app/bug that causes this, or the keyboard is broken.

    If your computer is not a Chromebook, then it is definitely the keyboard, ... unless your computer and the other Chromebook both have an app/bug issue...

    If your computer has Windows 10, boot into Safe Mode, and try the keyboard. If it experiences the same issue, then it's definitely the keyboard. (this was probably a suggestion I could've said earlier. I'm sorry, my brain's been a little slow lately. I gotta add some more RAM in my head somehow).

    (edit 10:31 PM my local time):
    Check and see if this applies to your keyboard:
    How to Clean Sticky Keys on Your Keyboard - YouTube (2:57)
    If your keyboard is similar to that one, you can pretty much use a spoon or fork, etc, to remove the non-working keys. Sometimes clumpy dust ends up where the key touches the rubber thing underneath (clean that part if applies). Be careful when removing keys, if they are removeable, so you don't accidentally break any.
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