i have a calendar on the taskbar now that seems to be a yahoo calendar but it never seems to have the correct events in it. i enter one and it will not send that to my phone.
so i went to update it and now it is blank so i want to just unpin that one and get the one from yahoo that actually keep updated. if i enter an even on my phone that calendar will update. i have it as a pinned bookmark but it sure would be nice to get it down on the taskbar or whatever that bottom bar is called. quick launch maybe?

we went through this some time ago but all i got was the calendar from yahoo on the taskbar that just did not seem to update to my other devices. if i type how to get the yahoo calendar on my pc. i get a link and it takes me to my calendar but it sure would be nice to just have that on the bar. can anyone help me figure this out? thanks

win10 22h2 build 19045.2251