Normally, the screen cast of my phone's screen is as clear as the phone itself but tonight it's like I'm watching television through a bad thunderstorm in 1955--I can't make out any text as it's all blurry like a JPEG that's been compressed to a few hundred bytes on quality 0 setting.

This happened once before several months ago and it cleared up after a couple of days.
This on a freshly rebooted Windows 10 session, too.

My internet speed test is over 960mb/s so I know it's not my internet connection.
I suspect the phone screen goes through MS servers and then back to my computer as it only works when the internet is up, so my thinking if MS servers are overloaded and throttling the bit rate to dialup speeds for each session. Any ideas?

Windows phone companion screen cast blurry today (Windows 10)-blurry-phone-screen.jpg