Windows 10: Windows 10 has pointer lag and freeze frequently

  1.    28 Aug 2015 #1

    Windows 10 has pointer freeze/lag frequently

    Hello all,

    This is my first post.

    Let me first say that I do really like Windows 10. I just did the upgrade from Windows 7, with the option to "keep nothing." So it's all started out fresh. I did the upgrade once before (keeping files and apps), and this pointer lag issue drove me up the wall. Basically, anytime I closed an application off, or did something in the start menu, or even just doing basic things in Google Chrome, the pointer would freeze, and remain immobile, sometimes for two seconds, sometimes for five or ten. This was happening very frequently. So used the option to go back to Windows 7. I figured it was due to me keeping apps and files, so I redid the upgrade with "keep nothing". I did notice that the laptop runs much faster than it did on the previous upgrade try, boots faster, applications open faster, so that's really nice. But the pointer lag is still there. I have tried using the drivers from windows 7 for my laptop, and they install just fine, but nothing has fixed the problem, so I just went back to the Windows 10 drivers. I also tried disabling the visual effects (no transparency, no animated window closings). This sped things up even more, but didn't get rid of the pointer lag. I have tried watching task manager while the lag is going on, and nothing unusual appears to be happening. I also upon reading in this forum disabled the "fast startup" option, as someone said it fixed their issue with mouse freezing. Didn't do anything for me, other than slow down boot-up time.

    Anyway, I sure don't want to sound like a complainer. I am very happy fixing things that are broken. If there's any solution to this, that would be greatly appreciated!
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  2.    08 Sep 2015 #2

    same exact problem

    I have the exact same problem with no help or solution to be found.
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  3.    08 Sep 2015 #3

    If you have a wireless mouse, make sure the mouse is in close distance with the usb receiver. These dont have very long ranges. Get an USB extender if you have to.
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  4.    11 Sep 2015 #4

    Update: Reinstalled Windows 10 doing a clean install (made SURE that Windows 10 showed activated before doing so), and it doesn't seem to have the problem with lag or freeze of the pointer any more.

    I just use the track pad on my laptop, no mouse. Although, interestingly I did try using a wireless mouse with it, and it seemed to be better.

    Anyway, I did a clean install of Windows 7, but it wouldn't activate, so I did the clean install of Windows 10, which I still had on a USB drive from the media creation tool. And now, Windows 10 is activated just fine, and runs very fast, faster than 7, and hasn't given me any problems. But after this I will not be upgrading my other computer from 7 to 10 due to two things.

    #1. Possible problems with the installation, like I experienced with my laptop.

    #2. The SPYING in Windows 10. I have followed all the recommended tweaks, tricks, and settings to disable the spying and data mining, but I am still not convinced that my private data won't be collected from me. Until we can be assured that Microsoft is not gathering private data off of hard drives with this operating system (that will never happen btw), I will not be upgrading my other computer. I do like Windows 10 a lot. Much faster boot time, faster performance than 7 by a seeming 15% or so. But I will be happy with Windows 7 on my main computer.

    Anyway, that's my take. Hope this helps someone.
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