Windows 10 First Impressions?

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    Windows 10 Home 64bit

    Windows 10 First Impressions?

    Post your likes and dislikes here, you may include screenshots and post any troubles you've had with setting up.

    My experience so far, only problem I have had is installing my graphics driver (Nvidia 560GTX), I downloaded w8.1 driver and initiated the installation, it unpacked all the drivers and I manually installed it through device manager, works a treat.

    I have noticed one thing, no charms bar (thank god) hated that thing when trying to close an open window and that monstrosity stopped you, well, I've tried notifications, they work amazingly well and snap to the app when clicking on them. multiple desktops is an interesting feature, however you cannot set independent wallpapers for each desktop, which is a minor niggle, but i'm sure ms will sort it out.

    Overall I'm quite pleased with the direction Microsoft are going with windows 10, it seems to be a success upto now.
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    Windows 11 Workstation x64

    I'm liking it, it's what Windows 8 should of been the first time around.

    The start menu, looks really nice and is a good update on the old start menu, the thin borders on aplications looks really nice too.

    I've not had much time to play as I've been installing all my apps etc, but from what I've seen so far it's a winner
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    I liked the start menu in 7 but also liked the live tiles in 8 so 10 mixing the 2 together is awesome for me :)
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    Windows 10 10586

    I'm running it in a VM right now, so far so good!

    I've noticed there are new window animations where it fades down, pretty neat. Also, very very subtle window drop shadows. Odd. I do like the pencil thin window borders! I'm also liking the new modern iconography in File Explorer, YES!

    Face palm moment so far, on the Start Screen which you can go back to, they have included the This PC, PC Settings, Documents, and Pictures tiles. OH, MY LORD. Ugh...

    This is what I've done on EVERY single Windows 8 deployment. I add the default File Explorer locations among other things. It took them that long to figure out how much more useful things become when something THAT MENIAL gets added to the Start Screen. Really?

    The apps seem like they're going to have a new code for scaling as they can't do the quad snap. LOVING Snap Assist and Task View! Whoa! I'm having an issue with Virtual Desktops where if you have File Explorer open into Documents and go to the other Desktop and open File Explorer, the same Desktop as before bleeds through so to speak. It's interesting as it shows on other Desktops what programs are open on the Taskbar, kind of like how the icon appears when it's opened but minimized down. I wonder if that's an inherent trait of that, maybe to reduce redundancy and keep things simple? This is kind of what I figured about virtual desktopping, it doesn't seem like there's a point to it.

    The start menu doesn't do me any good, I prefer the Start Screen. I guess everyone will be happy now that there's a UI option to switch back and forth to. But even with the Start Screen on a nontouch PC, all apps run on the Desktop. I don't get the separate Search button on the Taskbar.

    A very Longhorn-esque addition I've noticed in File Explorer is the "Add to Favorites" icon on the Home tab. This might be interesting as Microsoft has been here and there when it comes to adding favorites to the Favorites collection, on Windows Phone it's hearting something; but the whole point is that it would be in your Favorites collections. This is something that was in the pre-vista builds of what was Windows Longhorn, except it was on the other side of the window. I think they work the same though, you can only add folders not files to the Favorites list.

    Another new thing I found in PC Settings is Under Update and Recovery, there's a new link called Preview builds. It seems like this is what the new Windows Update will be all about because it seems like you might be able to just upgrade from the Technical Preview to Consumer Preview just like that. That's going to be fascinating to see how this works. Hopefully it'll make version upgrading in Windows 10 SOO much more easier. It also gives you the option of changing the time you can upgrade builds and it takes you to Automatic Maintenance...hmmm... I kind of wonder if PC Settings will be the end all be all Control Panel in 10. Actually, let me suggest them that!

    So far, it's interesting. Very little is in this build as it was compiled September 13th, so not a ton is all there and ready. Fun either way. I don't know if I'll actually install this on my SSD just yet.
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    Windows 10 Tech Preview

    I did an update from 8.1 and so far everything works fine.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    PcQuebec said:
    I did an update from 8.1 and so far everything works fine.
    Brave man, my friend....
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    Windows 8 Pro x64

    Well I think the Tech Preview is incredibly stable. I have yet to try it with some older apps, but I think they'll fare out OK (after all they work on Windows 8.1)

    Now I am not sure that I like the "All Apps" concept. I know most of you want to mix and match the windowed Metro experience together with the Explorer/Desktop shell, so that Windows 10 acts as a fused environment. Since I only plan on using the Explorer shell, I would prefer to keep the Metro apps separate.

    What I do like is that I was able to completely unpin and remove all of the Metro apps from the Start Menu's second column. So now my Start Menu opens Explorer related stuff. Plus I turned back on links for Control Panel, This PC and Documents. So it kinda works the old way.

    IE 11 is supposed to have some Trident improvements in the Windows 10 build, but I find the browser renders faster on Windows 8.1. I can't find a way to unpin that Search button from the taskbar, as I would use my own search tool and file manager with Explorer++.

    I personally have no use for multiple desktops (I defeat them in Linux window managers, ECS, and I don't plan on using them in Windows 10; though I know many people find them useful).

    So far, if I were to choose between Windows 10 as shown in this early preview, or Windows 8.1, I would choose the later. Overall I find 8.1 a tad more brisk in speed. I also find IOBit's Start Menu 8 is a wee bit more customizable, and it looks MORE like the Vista/Windows 7 menu.

    I will make no bones about it; if it sounds like I want the Windows of yesteryear, you're right. I only want the newer Windows builds for their stability and security improvements. Mind you, Windows 10 has a long way to go until April, so I'm looking forward to what new things show up during the preview period.
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    Windows 11 Pro X64

    I just did a clean install off usb. Very quick, so far so good. Will install some programs and play after making sure drivers are updated.
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    Windows 10 Pro For Workstations

    I have a 32 bit, 64 bit VM and an inplace upgrade of 7 Ultimate (a fresh install it self).

    The PC is really fast, needed no drivers all the 7 drivers worked. The VM are working fine too. Had no issues.
    Looks good so far, I hope they give us better icons instead of these horrible boring flat ones. My video card does run more than 2 colors last time I looked.

    Windows 10 First Impressions?-2014-10-01-15_17_28-greenshot.png
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    Windows 10

    Quite nice so far.

    Some peculiarities with the virtual desktops though.
    With some applications, if you try to invoke another instance in another desktop, it will kick you back to the v-desktop that has that application open and open another one on top of it.

    When you are on another v-desktop, the thumbnails from other v-desktops hide at the bottom of the taskbar:

    Windows 10 First Impressions?-000006.png
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