Hi guys, I'm having an issue with my laptop. Updated to Windows 10 Pro x64 about a month ago. Two days ago I shutdown the system just fine but just yesterday when I booted it, it got past the Acer logo during boot followed by a black screen as usual... BUT it stuck there forever. Restarted it multiple times, same result. Sometimes the cursor shows up but its useless as its just the cursor.

Tried the following things.

  • Tried CTRL + SHIFT + ESC for task manager but nothing came up.
  • Tried CTRL + ALT t+ DEL still nothing.
  • Went through recovery options then selected safe mode but, to my surprise, the same result.
  • Then used the chkdsk command through cmd in recovery options, didn't find any problem.
  • Ran the sfc /scannow command from boot, didn't found any integrity violations.

Any suggestions? I still have to try system restore though.