That's my current thinking so far with Windows 10.

I find Microsoft did right by focusing first and foremost on the enterprise as that is the largest and most important demographic to address with every release. Windows 8 didn't really focus so much on the enterprise as it came out three years after 7 and during deployments of 7 in the enterprise. It was more of a stop-gap release for the consumer crowd where it was lagging.

10 however, will be released six years after 7, a few years after deployments have long been finished, and is at the point where some companies may actually consider deploying 10 if they see the feature set and UI are worthwhile. Personally, what 10 has to offer so far just for the enterprise sounds quite impressive. There's much more realistic thinking and planning in making 10 an OS where the vast user base is on right now will be perfectly comfortable to use. I liked the comparison how 7 is like the first gen Toyota Prius whereas 10 is like a Tesla Model S; you don't need to relearn how to drive but get to experience what modern technology has to offer. (Windows 8 was like the first gen DeLorean, 8.1 was like the DeLorean second gen; both very cool looking but the latter way better and too ahead of its time.)

From my time with 8 and 8.1, I've seen less Desktop use and more modern UI use and app usage based on what UI they're delegated to. I think with 10, I'll probably change that up to more Desktop use as the balance is just right between old and new. And the Desktop UI isn't a hideous clash of Aero and metro anymore! So glad about that!

Even better, WinRT development might actually increase as FINALLY, there is no Windows Phone, there is no Xbox OS, there is no Windows PC, there is no Windows Embedded; it's ALL Windows on all devices and form factors that tailors itself for each device and each form factor. There are no more divisions and segregations of Stores where developers had to make apps and games for each and every separate OS. It's all been unified and being unified much further. That's going to be awesome. WinRT has such potential and might actually see the fulfillment of that promise. Each and every device will have it's key feature be prominently displayed; where Windows Phones and tablets will be purely touch first and centric, Windows PCs will have their Desktops front and center, Xboxes will have their Dashboards out and ready. It's mostly how it is now, but now development is the underlying characteristic that makes this all happen. I can see Visual Studio being updated so instead of having the option to develop the app as a Universal one, that will be default.

I'm stoked. It's been too long where I ran a build of Windows and had nothing to say but, "Whoa."